Events held by branch of IO “Expo&Women” in Mangystau Region for 2018

Branch of IO “Expo&Women” across Mangystau Region was formed in June 22, 2017. The chairman of the Board of trustees of IO is Seydaliyeva Nasipkul Baydusenovna and the executive director Zhunusova Gulnar Sarbayevna with the reliable team, developed the activity quite actively and therefore the branch is one of the well known organizations in the region. From the very beginning of existence they hold significant and very relevant events on regional, republican and even on international levels, attracting mass audience of different age and a spheres of activity.

One of the first large actions, dated for June 1 to Children’s Day carried out a holiday of drawings on asphalt. NGO, media, businessmen, and the most important – children еook active part in it! The grandiose holiday forever remained in memory of the Mangystau children.

At the initiative of non-governmental organization “Let’s do it, Qazaq Eli” which since 2016 is a participant and also the official representative of the International ecological movement “Let’s do it! World” in Kazakhstan, spent on September 15, 2018 “The world day of purity” (World cleanup day) to Aktau — the largest positive, social-and-ecological action in the history of mankind. More than 6000 people from different public institutions, NGO, media, schools, educational institutions,  enterprises and  organizations from all area participated in an action. More than 700 tons of garbage was removed.

Implementation of the project “Let’s Do It! World Cleanup day 2018” gave the chance to create careful attitude to the environment, proper handling of waste and alsorelations to unite society, power, business and media for analysis of spontaneous dumps, to bring up younger generation to keep our planet clean and to stop  litterring it with garbage.

From August 7 to August 13 last year “Green week” was organized. The plan of work of “Green Week” was agreed with the leaders of area. It began with ecological occupations where the seminars trainings raising environmental issues were held. In the territory of tourist base of “Saiya” which is on the bank of the Caspian Sea the Fourth summer ecological school for school students and students of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS from the Atyrau and Mangystau regions was organized. At Summer ecological school speakers from Turkmenistan, Russia and Kazakhstan taught some classes. Subjects were different, but in each report the thought of need of preservation of a biodiversity and an ecosystem of the Caspian Sea sounded.

The action under the name “Clean Caspian Sea — clean heart” on cleaning of the city beach became one of bright events. Active participants: PF “Eco Mangistau”, branch IO “EXPO&WOMEN” of Mangystau Region, summer ecological school, management of natural resources and regulation of environmental management of Mangystau Region and also residents. The action took place on “The soldier’s beach” of the coast.

Within the same “Green Week” in Aktau very important event — the International ecological forum “Ecology, Green Economy and Innovations — a Factor of Sustainable Development of Mangystau Region” took place. The forum became the concluding event of the whole cycle of “Green Week”.

The Branch of the International organization “Expo&Womån” for Mangystau Region under the direction of Nasipkul Seydaliyeva and the executive director of Gulnara Zhunusova became the initiator of carrying out this event.

Holding the Ecological Forum in Mangystau Region is a new approach of a contribution of women to industrialization of the region and transition to new technological way, models of society of the future, innovative charity and social business. The first heads of Mangystau Region, guests of honor of the Forum who gave official support in holding a sign action participated in the Forum: The chairman of the board Aygul Sagadibekovna Solovyova, the Deputy Head of office Diana Digol, the head of ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and  G-Global Development” and the Chairman of Presidium of IO “Expo&Womån” Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova, the chief of the department of natural resources and regulation of environmental management of Mangystau Region Kusbekov D.T., the speaker from Kyrgyzstan Ayzhan Chynybayeva (the initiator of the movement “Taza Issyk Kul”, Kirill Osin is the director of Non-governmental institution “ECO MANGYSTAU”, Askarova Lyazyat Kazhitayevna is the executive director of IO “Expo&Women”, the head of LLP “A-Paulovnia”  Ayan Azhgaliyev – which were not only among guests of honor, but were speakers and moderators and spoke at plenary sessions of the Forum.

Within the celebration of the 55 anniversary of Aktau city events of “55 New Tasks” were planned and held. And on September 20, 2018 on the main stage of the city of Aktau the Charity event is organized in preservation of the Caspian seals organized by NGO IO “Expo&Women” Mangystau branch. Information on the main threats which marine animals face was given. Special attention was paid to a subject of rescue of the unique kendirly rookery located on mid the Caspian Sea. These questions were raised at the International Forum by the young researcher of the Caspian Sea Baymukanova Asel. The amazing animal seals – are in great need in our attention and their preservation. The performance of Asel set all thinking and take serious actions in preservation of a unique ecosystem of the Caspian Sea. “The institute of hydrobiology and ecology” deals with these issues for a long time, but serious state and public support is necessary for their activity!

Participation Leyla Ahmet Osman — artists, the founder of a brand “LUCKY TURTLE”, the Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, the member of Association of Designers of the USA, the Goodwill ambassador of IO “Expo&Women” in the USA became one of the brightest events of “Green WEEK”. Within five fascinating and interesting days master classes for children and youth in art studio were organized. She presented the new concept of the ecological initiatives connected with a wonderful Lucky turtle at the Forum.

Leyla Ahmet Osman lives at the same time in Almaty and Seattle (USA) now. From time to time she crosses the ocean to stay on the homeland. According to Leyla to gather energy, inspiration, spiritually it can be restored only in native Kazakhstan. This mood is reflected in some of her works. For the artist whose works are in private collections in many countries, the decision to represent the works at first in Kazakhstan was natural. More than 30 works which at first were exposed to Seattle, the USA are presented at this exhibition. According to the author, the rate of cultural life in the new capital gains steam, citizens show great interest to art. Her works are in private collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, the USA, Canada, Philippines, Syria, France, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain.

Such bright, significant events are held by Branch of IO “Expo&Women” across Mangystau Region, these are only some of them. There was a lot of work done where heads of branch find interesting people who held master classes, seminars trainings and other interesting meetings. And in the Mangystau Region there are a lot of famous and interesting persons. To that confirmation – delegation from Mangystau Region on the First Forum of rural women of Kazakhstan which took place in Astana in November, 2018.

Ahead the organization and holding another Forum of rural women, in general realization of a saturated Event line-2019 of Branch IO “Expo&Women” of Mangystau Region, there are a lot more affairs, the planned actions, besides.

Material was prepared by Gulnara Zhunusova

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