The delegation of businesswomen from Kazakhstan will participate in the World landscape gardening Fair in Beijing

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And here on this news website information on delegation of rural women on the Beijing EHRO-2019 exhibition. Read and overcome video about it from the primary source!

The delegation of businesswomen from Kazakhstan goes to Beijing to the World landscape gardening Fair. All women are winners of a competition of projects on development of business in the village. They train in bases of business and agrarian business fellows villager now.

“We do not deliver horses from other countries, we have only local breeds from the Kostanay region. When we decided to be engaged in business, began with only five mares”, – the participant of delegation told.

Now Nurzhamal has 120 horses. They are unpretentious, frost-resistant and give curative milk from which produce dairy drink here – koumiss. She to be proud of the economy and is ready to teach other rural women – how to do business.

“Now we milk 26 mares and we receive 150 liters of koumiss. We do this drink on special technology, now I will show you”, – the member of delegation told.

In this mini-shop cook koumiss. If earlier mare’s milk was shaken up manually, then now it is automatic. For beating use a wooden Kazakh mortar cubes. From within it is a prokopchena smoke of the meadowsweet having antibacterial effect. It gives special aroma to drink.

The technologist Ayzada Baygaziyeva noted: “I work 12 years here. I watch milk yield, I am engaged in production of koumiss. Very good conditions here. I of Kyrgyzstan, the Osh region. My father held horses earlier. Mother taught to do koumiss me. She spoke if it is tasty, people will praise and to constantly drink it”.

Production is located in 40 kilometers from the capital. Though small, but demands investments. 4 thousand dollars Nurzhamal spent the grant for purchase of the cooler. It does not allow to deteriorate to drink. To Beijing goes with hope to come into contacts, to find the new equipment and technologies.

The businesswoman Nurzhamal Bakhitova noted: “Maybe they have some technologies of cultivation of some herbs useful to horses specially. That my koumiss was even more tasty, more quality, even more usefully. They developed in China, it is possible to see a lot of things. I hope, I will see something brand new”.

And here Sholpanay before a trip to the World Fair has a busy season. Its greenhouses demand permanent care. She arrived once to the village of Akbulak of the Karaganda region from Uzbekistan and decided to be engaged in agrarian business.

“From one bush of Sholpanay can receive up to 7 kilograms of cucumbers. And it besides that does not use any chemicals for their growth. Says what has no moral right to that. Its vegetables became favourite products not only at villagers, but also at kids in kindergartens”, – own correspondent told CGTN Russian of Said Zharkinov.

And began the business with the home greenhouse. Now at it is them a little. The grant helped to extend. Grows up tomatoes, greens. In this season planted 5 thousand bushes of cucumbers and expects a good harvest. Trains in agrarian business jobless fellows villager and even organized agricultural cooperative.

The businesswoman Sholpanay Turdysheva told: “I can provide completely Karaganda region with cucumbers. Even it is possible for export. Because Russia loves our cucumbers, China loves. I want to be engaged in strawberry still. Beijing is on the first place on cultivation of strawberry. There is a wish to see their technologies as they grow up strawberry. It is very interesting to me”.

In total 20 women go to Beijing, many of which created steady business, new jobs in the village and began to apply “green technologies”. On a trip meetings, the presentations, acquaintance to the Chinese enterprises which are engaged in agriculture and hothouse business are planned.

The chairman of Presidium EXPO&WOMEN Saltanat Rakhimbekova said: “they have an opportunity magnificent to see – as the world moves what technologies are used. We expect when ours arrive. We will have regional forums of rural women in which our heroines will be the main ringleaders. We assume, having got good experience which will be able to be duplicated on so authoritative platform. At them is what to tell rural women”.

For now they urge fellows villager not to be idle, work and develop. Also dream to subdue environmentally friendly products not only local, but also the foreign markets.

Authors Zhakupova G.T., Askarova L.K.






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