The delegate of the Forum – the ordinary rural woman with difficult destiny from the East Kazakhstan region

On July 12, 2019 to Ust-Kamenogorsk there took place the Forum of rural women of the East Kazakhstan region “Social responsibility, policy of the equal rights and equal opportunities”, within ІІ the Forum of rural women of Kazakhstan.

Organizers of a forum: Akimat of the East Kazakhstan region, ULE “The Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global”, the International organization “Expo&Women” with assistance of the International fund “Coca-Cola”.

The forum takes place with assistance of the National commission on affairs of women and family population policy at the President of Kazakhstan

For participation in the Forum more than 150 delegates – rural women from all Areas of East Kazakhstan region were invited.

By tradition at the Forum rural leading female performed with History of their success. We got acquainted with very interesting people, but acquaintance to Erkasymova Zulfira Dautovna – the ordinary rural woman with difficult destiny was especially touching. Though in the sounded nominations there was no “For Courage and Firmness” nomination, but there is a wish to appropriate this nomination to this surprising woman.

We bring to your attention Zulfira Dautovna’s biography which is written down from her words:

I, Erkasymova (Sadeneva) Zulfira Dautovna, on June 28, 1965 year of birth.

Was born in the village of Soldatovo, Bolshenarymsky district, the East Kazakhstan region.

The father Sadenev Daut of 1937 the veterinarian (died 1981 at the age of 44 years)

Mother Sadeneva Kulyash 1938 the cook, on pension, lives to Altai, the area Altai, the East Kazakhstan region.

Grew in a close-knit large family where seven children. Parents grew up us hardworking, honest, imparted to us since the childhood love to the home ground.

Studied at our school of the village of Soldatovo, finished well, secondary 10th summer education. In those days there was a subject engineering science where we were taught the theory and practice on driving wheel and the catarpillar. Actively participated in actions of school. After passing state exams got the certificate about the termination of secondary education and the tractor operator-driver’s driver’s license. The chairman of collective farm urged all to remain in native collective farm of Kalinin. At that time without knowing that it is not a female profession… I remained to work.

Married in 1984 Erkasymov Adylkan born in 1961 – the machine operator, works till present.

In 1985 the son was born – d_lanla Talat, is married now, has 4 children.

In 1987 it was elected the delegate to the XVI congress of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League where it was elected the member of the Central Committee of LKSM of Kazakhstan, went on congresses, meetings of Komsomol, Party.

On April 9, 1988 there was rainy weather, dirt, slush, worked on the cattlefeeder, and during repair of the tractor, hooked for the turning shaft… on the 6th month of pregnancy (there was an abortion).

Brought to district hospital of the village of Bolshenarym on ambulance, there was big blood loss as the chief physician of our village did not tie up a leg plaits. Fortunately there were my relatives going after the ambulance at whom the blood group coincided with mine. Four surgeons saved my life. Hands sewed up in several places. In several days after operation I saw that I was left without both legs…

Several months treatment in regional hospital, prosthetics. Appointed the 2nd group of disability. Two years went on the commissions, did not appoint 1 group yet, probably the commission thought that my legs will grow. Many months learned to go on artificial limbs, was not given as is for the sake of whom to continue to live.

In 1991 the state has helped to buy the Moskvich 412 car for 50% of cost. Have converted it on manual control which has served to me 16 years (the car was my legs, it is heavy to go by carriage on our roads).

Worked a little manager of rural library. Then has completed courses in Ust-Kamenogorsk on the accountant, has worked several years in collective farm.

In 2002 in year of Health has taken 1 place on area among disabled people – sang songs, my handmade toys have taken on exhibition. In summertime I work as the catering manager in economy of Kalinin LLP.

In free time I participate in cultural and leisure life of the village, we sing songs, we sew suits for performances on the stage. Several months as began to create various hand-made articles, masterpieces from material of isobosoms, foamiran – big growth flowers, compositions from several pieces.

On the date of the capital of Nur-Sultan we had an opening of club, the scene was decorated growth with flowers which created festive mood and were pleasing to the eye. It was pleasant to me doubly.

On July 12 the current year I was invited to the Forum of rural women, awarded with the diploma, handed monetary encouragement. Huge gratitude for the invitation to the akim of our rural district Kadyrmyshev Bolat Rakhmetkaliyevich. It was pleasant to get acquainted with new people, to receive new skills, new knowledge during communication.

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