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How is World Environment Day celebrated in Kazakhstan?

Environmentalist Day is celebrated all over the world! How and what is being done in Kazakhstan – in the television news of the Atameken Business Channel. Correspondent Moldir Abdualiyeva!

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Today, Environmental Protection Day is celebrated around the world. Officially, this date appeared almost 50 years ago as an opportunity to draw attention to environmental problems. On June 5 Kazakhstan also celebrates the day of the ecologist. The initiatives of those who are daily guarded by the environment were listened to by Moldir Abdoualiyev. Moldir, good evening, you have your word.

Moldir Abdoualiyeva, Correspondent:
Good evening. The importance of preserving the environment today was announced by the head of state Kassym-Zhomart Tokaev. He noted that the protection of nature is a matter of national importance. And Vice Minister of Ecology Akhmetzhan Primkulov says – there is no time to celebrate a professional holiday, it is necessary to fulfill the tasks. The relevant department is now working on improving the new environmental code. The first of the paragraphs of the document provides for strengthening the responsibility of industrial enterprises for environmental pollution.

Akhmetzhan Primkulov, Vice Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan:
“First of all, this is the introduction of the best available technologies, which will lead to a drastic reduction in the burden on the environment and the greening of the main large industries in the country. There is a very large block that concerns state environmental control. We are tightening the requirements, we are increasing the size of fines. Fines should be sensitive for businesses to have the incentive to improve the environmental situation. “

The association of regional initiatives “Ecojer” also takes part in the development of new eco-reforms. Its representatives advocate strengthening the role of citizens in solving environmental issues. Kuanysh Baltabayev, executive director of the organization, believes that the possibility of putting forward ideas by people of different ages will improve the state of the environment.

Kuanysh Baltabayev, Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Association of Regional Environmental Initiatives “ECOJER”:
“It is no secret that, often now, in current practice, the ecosystem community tends to learn about certain decisions taken at the last moment and cannot at the very beginning offer some preventive solutions in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Now the draft environmental code provides for such projects. We, as the Ecogère Association, actively support them. “

And according to the head of the center of green technologies, the eco-codex will help solve the problem of excessive garbage in the country. Now 120 million tons of waste have accumulated at 3.5 thousand landfills. Another 4.5 million tons are dumped there annually. And now representatives of the ecosystem plan to implement a project aimed at processing solid household waste into energy. To do this, the republic intends to build a special waste processing plant.

Ramazan Zhampiisov Chairman of the Board of the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects
“In our country, about 15% of waste is only recycled. Although the global average is about 70%. That is, there is something to strive for. The construction of new objects that will be processed – this requires large investments, large investments. Our center is currently conducting a study on 6 major cities of the country for the necessary infrastructure and analysis of the raw materials themselves. “

The center also notes that not only garbage recycling is important, but also its reduction. And this already depends on the consciousness and environmental activity of each Kazakhstani. I have everything on it. Congratulations on the holiday of everyone involved in improving the environmental situation. Studio, you have a word.

This is certainly the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals at once – SDG12, SDG13, SDG14, SDG15

Material prepared by Lyazyat Askarova

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