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In the Resolution “Transforming our world:

Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 “The entire Agenda is divided into five clusters, one of which is Prosperity, in which the UN addresses all the people of the planet with the words:
We are determined to ensure that all people can live in prosperity and well-being and that economic, social and technological progress continues in harmony with nature.

To meet these challenges, of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the two most important are to ensure that science is produced for the benefit of the human person.

It is IMC 7. Achieving universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

And SDG 9. Establish sustainable infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

And in order to immerse you, dear friends, more in this topic, we invite you to look more often at this site

And here you will be able to learn a lot of useful and cognitive for yourself and your children. Advise him for your schoolchildren and students – there is a lot of just inspiring information that will expand the boundaries of your scientific picture of the world, which is more applied.

The information on the site is divided into five blocks:


Here is a lot of information about the achievements of scientists in the field of green technologies, which really help mankind to become more resource-saving – this is the ENERGY section, in the COMMUNITY section you will find the appeal of Ilon Musk to young people, in the CONSTRUCTION section – how to build smart houses, etc.

I myself was happy to immerse myself in this fascinating journey to the world of innovation and technology! For example, learned that the developer of unique solar panels was a woman Xiaolin Zheng and “the scientific group under her leadership in the walls of Stanford University was able to develop unique solar battaries. These batteries in the form of a self-adhesive film which is easily applied on any poverkhnost are made

All in all, friends, visit this site and have an intellectual pleasure!

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

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