Success story of Kenzhetay Tazabekova

I am elected the delegate among women of Sarkansky district. Taking an opportunity it want to be provided, I am Tazabekova Kenzhetay of Zhumagaliyevn. I grew up in the village and rural life is familiar for me since the childhood.

By training I am the health worker. Till a marriage I worked in the specialty in Almaty in 1 city hospital. On the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of my spouse sent to native collective farm. And as it is ought to me as to east woman, I arrived in quality “Kelenum” to native collective farm.

Due to the liquidation of collective farms and state farms in 1994 my spouse passed into law-enforcement service and in 2000 years in connection with death of my father-in-law I was forced to head the big country economy which remained by inheritance. Got used since the childhood to everyday life of rural life, having skills of driving cars and tractors to me special was not difficult for a message and to run the acquired economy where the main directions are the crop production and livestock production.

My economy on the fields grows up wheat, barley and soy where production of grain products is reached on average 47 centners from hectare.

At the same time, in the area of livestock production the economy successfully carries out the food programme on production of ecological clean meat, thanks to increase in a uterine livestock of the cattle of Kazakh and white-headed meat breed according to the Sybaga program.

Since 2015 from the moment of creation of Council of business women as a part of NPP Atameken I was elected the chairman of SDZh on Sarkansky district and in this connection I take active part in public works of the area.

For the purpose of development of women’s business in the area on my initiative the Forum on the subject “The Platform for New Opportunities” where were invited successful was held and

the famous taken place women of the republic, my compatriots, such as famous designer Aida by Kaumenov, the head of the Center of handicraftsmen Kazak-Oner Aygul of Zhanserikov and many others, for exchange of experience and stimulation of women of the area.

For 2018 according to the program of NPP Atameken 40 women beginning businessmen of the area on strengthening of enterprise skills with obtaining certificates of training are trained. At the same time for expansion business of opportunities of women’s business thanks to work of SDZh in the area for 2018 3 grants for women of businessmen of the area were received.

Thanks to the carried-out successful work of SDZh of the area on creation of the mechanism of attraction of financing for expansion business of opportunities of women’s business of the area it is provided credit resources 16 ти to women of the area.

In the conclusion I want to note, roles of the woman in society that women are heart of family, and the family is the main cell of society, respectively, the happy and self-actualized women define quality of life and productivity practically of all spheres of activity of society.

In this regard, I urge all women of our region to join the movement of development of women’s business. Also, I urge all citizens of our area to render the maximum assistance in development of women’s business.

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