Start Of The III Republican trade-fair “Fair Of The Great Steppe – 2018”

We announce start of the III Republican trade-fair “Fair Of The Great Steppe – 2018!

International organization “Expo&Women” in 2016 became the initiator of holding the First exhibition of handicraftsmen, and it took place twice in “Keruyen” hopping center. Approximately 100 handicraftsmen from all Kazakhstan participated in each fair. Every time it became a big and bright event with the features.

Project purpose: preservation, development and promoting of traditional and modern national art crafts, crafts, arts and crafts creativity, ethnodesign and ethnofashion of people in Kazakhstan.

In the Provision on the trade-fair of 2018 we have decided to implement some innovations. For example, carrying out competitive selection, inclusion of a charity event, the edition of the special catalog of handicraftsmen of “Fair Of The Great Steppe – 2018″ the program of branding of products of handicraftsmen will also take place for the first time.

We invite handicraftsmen, professional and original artists and also fashion houses, model agencies, working in the ethno sphere and eco-fashion to participate in III Republican trade-fair “Fair Of The Great Steppe – 2018″.

All conditions of participation, requirements to participants and other questions are reflected in Situation of III Republican trade-fair “Fair Of The Great Steppe – 2018″ which are attached below in documents, right there is a form for participants.

And one more addition: we have received invitation to participate in the international exhibitions in the field of workmanship and ethno-design. We plan to send there the best participants of our exhibition according to our recommendation.

We invite to partnership and dialogue all who are interested in this project!

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