Seminar for women in the picturesque village Urumkay of Burabaysky district

The seminar training on training of rural women on the subject “Support of Needy and Jobless Women through Training in Bases of Business and to “Green” Technologies of Business” took place in not the big, but picturesque village Urumkay of Burabaysky district on May 30, 2019 at 11 o’clock in rural recreation center. There more than 20 women from villages Urumkay, Karashirik, Kindikkara from category of the unemployed, self-employed, recipients of ASP of the Urumkaysky rural district gathered.

After the performance of Askarova L.K., the executive director of IO “Expo&Women”, detailed and available to all, about the special social project “Coca-Cola belestery”, about bases of business and “green” technologies, the floor was taken by the local businessmen who were present at a seminar who surely and successfully do the business (production of dairy products) Bruch Asya and Kopeeva Madina.

Throughout the current subject the word for a performance about activity of Council of business women of Burabaysky district and about support of the beginning businessmen, was provided to Akhmetova Saniye Dusembayevne – the director of Association of the industry of tourism and rest of “Burabay” Shchuchinsk, and the individual entrepreneur Elena Cherevik – the cheese maker about Shchuchinsk, told from what and as began to build the business as tried to obtain success. She urged the invited women not to be afraid and to safely begin to build business. Especially it is promoted by the Coca-Cola belestery project. Elena is also ready to agree from a mestnyama inhabitants on purchase of milk from them for the cheese dairy.

Here too it was not without benevolent coffee break and a ceremony of delivery of certificates.

We express separate gratitude to the specialist of akimat of page Urumkay Imakov Zhanalyk to Galymzhanovich who coordinated gathering of people and helped organizers with holding a seminar training.

We thank also Council of business women of the Akmola region and Burabaysky district for support in holding this action.

The village struck not only tranquility and beauty of landscapes, but also the fact that here buildings of Soviet period still remained: club in which there took place the action, the school calculated on 300 children, the building of akimat of the village with columns and even Lenin’s bust before it. They say, it was tried to be born several times, but it was put for ages. In this village regional sports contests as they are sokhranl the sports ground are held. And around all this magnificent 100-year fir-trees.


It is necessary to tell still, as the nature there fertile and is very good for cultivation of pets.

Authors Zhakupova G.T., Askarova L.K.


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