SDG 5 “Gender Equality.” As this is understood by the head of the Council of Mothers under the ANK of North Kazakhstan region Kulumkoz Smailova

Parents laid the foundations of my worldview, my values, beliefs and faith: up to five years of age raised in love, drinking the soul with warmth and good, instilling in it harmony and peace, so that for the rest of my life I can radiate joy and happiness not only for myself and my family, but also for many other people From five to seventeen years of age, as well as in most Kazakh families, parents, taking care of my harmless and prosperous future, forced to work: help around the house, study only perfectly, all and always help, assist and respect Even for the small-small made with my hands, I received a bath – a blessing . That is why so many useful skills are me.

That is why a lot of useful skills and skills have been taught to me in the family. But the most important thing – parents taught to work my soul: to have pure intentions, to fight swaps of defects, to show qualities inherent in a well-educated Kazakh girl – to be modest, to love and respect, to compassion and to be merciful, to understand, to accept and forgive, under all circumstances not to lose honor and dignity A. Learning all this 100% apparently won ‘t suffice all my life, but the foundations parents laid And from the age of seventeen began to respect as a friend, as equal to a self-sufficient person, raising in me responsibility in making a decision Y. a very effective way of forming a mature attitude to the cause, word, human And so raised children in each Kazakh family and there were no divorces, abandoned children and a parent I. This is how my mother raised me, then my beloved mother-in-law and all I now imagine is the great work of close and native people, first of all my husband, who with his love and care, strong will taught me to be always cheerful, attentive to someone else ‘s trouble and joy, ready to listen, help and support, persistently and persistently pursue ce That is why our family relations are based on trust and mutual respect, despite the fact that we are people of different nationalities, different religions and members of different political offices Do Not Have The essence is that we preach the same spiritual and moral values, we have the same beliefs and principles of the moor Li. This is very helped by the fact that we are both teachers, both – school directors, both, apart from our professional activities, actively engage in social activities and, above all, we have one life credo: “The family is the center of the world, but not borders S his. “And these are not empty words for us, it is a rod, the essence of our being

I am also happy that the Councils of Mothers established in 2014 on the initiative of Elbasa N.A. Nazarbayev in all regions of the country have become an effective tool to strengthen family institutions and motherhood, as well as to implement measures to cultivate family values.


We, members of the 40 Councils of Mothers, are convinced that the family and family values such as unconditional love and care for children, marital loyalty, respect and respect for the elders, joint family work and rest, openness and trust, preservation of national traditions – the foundation or in other words the breeding ground of national unity and social harmony this. For this reason Councils of mothers actively joined in implementation of the program “Rowhani of a zhana Ru. “The Council of Mothers of the APK has held more than 120 interesting, meaningful and large-scale events in the last 2 years, each of which is imbued with the ideas of good and peace, love for the homeland and people, respect and gratitude, healthy lifestyle and co-leader aniye. Full-time employment of seven clubs “Қыз Zh_bek”, weight naponennykh wisdom and heat of events “zheler мектеб і”, charity events, review competitions of daughters-in-law, girls, family cities quests, marathons, competitions, exhibitions, reviews, round tables, parental conferences and many – Many other public events organized, financed or initiated by our Council – This is our contribution to the consolidation of peace and inter-ethnic harmony in the country for its prosperity and prosperity In addition, the work of the Councils is focused on the study of problems related to spiritual and moral education in the family, the conduct of advisory and information work to increase the level of legal literacy among women, the dissemination of the experience of successful families, the organization of preventive work and assistance to difficult adolescents, disadvantaged and incomplete families, as well as families in difficult social situation, participation in solving the problems of children without care. I am glad to inform you that during the ethnographic expedition Tukan Zher on the North Kazakhstan region we have discovered for ourselves and tried to study the unique experience of preserving the best family traditions of the auls of Dayndys Akkainsky district and the village of Myrzagul Ualihanovsky district, which we actively promote In what they were unique In these aulas there is no poverty, divorce, single and without the care of the remaining old people, do not sell or drink alcohol, no theft and no worst manifestations of human Amount of time A h That is? There are beautiful and strong, multi-married families, there is wealth in houses: spiritual and material, there is noble work, culture of relations, respect and mutual responsibility for each act, for his own kind, for his own auyl, for his own. Countries. Hard work, decency and respect for people, lack of consumer psychology is the norm for residents of Dayndyk and M auls Yrzagul! Here are such families and such villages and is after all the basis of social well-being of Kaz.

We – mothers – are convinced that we have a very great mission to raise in children the best human qualities – as love and respect for our neighbor, love for our homeland, noble and bright thoughts, hard work and a good heart. And on this nutritious ground, of course, tolerance and respect for the representative of any people speaking any other language should be expressed. We are citizens of this country, we love our Motherland – the Republic of Kazakhstan, we very much cherish its well-being and, of course, are responsible for it. I very much hope that my story of happiness of a woman – was interesting to you and, perhaps, to someone useful.

Author: Smailova Kulykoz, Chairman of the North Kazakhstan Regional Council of Mothers at the ANC, Director of the Lyceum al-Farabi School






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