SDG 17: Develop partnership with Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan

Dear friends! You know that our organization “Expo & Women” does not for nothing have the status of an International Organization, so we are looking for different opportunities for the development of international cooperation. This is all the more so in the SDG 17 “Strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.”

Thanks to the activities of our team member Guldan Zhurkabayeva @ GulDana ALina we have established a partnership with the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan The result of this cooperation was the development of partnership with the Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan and its head Gulbaniz-Hanum Ganbarova @ Gulbaniz Ganbarova

Again, thanks to the partnership with the international organization – Konrad Adenauer Foundation – it was possible to invite a number of international partners to the Second Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan

So, this publication is dedicated to our new partner – Association of Rural Women of Kazakhstan.

Dunna information is presented by its head Gulbaniz-hanum Ganbarova.

Dear readers! We invite you to get acquainted with their interesting activities to unite rural women into business development groups. We have something to learn from them and share experiences.


The Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan, established with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and supported by the World Bank, has been piloting an innovative model of women ‘s economic empowerment since 2018. This one-size-fits-all model addresses disorganization and the need to participate in business start-up decisions and address the economic and social difficulties rural women may face. This model, implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and supported by the World Bank, organically brought together rural women in the Women and Enterprise Development Groups (Women and Enterprise Development Groups). These groups are a business collective of women who have created portfolios of women-owned and managed businesses in 15 districts of Azerbaijan (Balakan, Zakatala, Ismailli, Agdam, Barda, Agjabedi, Geranboy, Lenkoran, Masalli, Neftchala, Saatla, Sabirabad, Beilagan, Imishli). At present, 38 groups have been established, which include 462 women, whose activities, along with several agribusiness companies, cover shops for baking bread and sweets, sewing and carpentry, cafes

The Women and Enterprise Development Groups are groups of 10-20 women who are combined for weekly collective savings to create a fixed fund to start their businesses. This group conducts trainings on financial literacy, business and life skills. Four business incubators consisting of Community Business Propagators and Rural Business Professionals have been established and they offer business incubation and development services such as marketing research in the industry, accounting and financial analysis. In order to support women ‘s groups in the villages, a staff consisting of young people who have undergone training and have high business skills has been established.

In the first phase, 88 women members of the Women and Enterprise Development Group were created in five districts (Masalli, Lenkoran, Balakan, Ismailly and Aghdam). These groups within two to four months with their resources started their business and within six months became holders of funds worth 78,200 AZN, consisting of their own savings and equal in the amount of one-time grants. In addition, these groups in their communities solved the problem of solid waste and organized cleanliness companies. Two groups in the community have supported the start of services to collect waste on a fee basis. Women and Enterprise Development Groups in their communities take care of elderly villagers and people with disabilities, carry out activities against violence and early marriage The groups also assisted the municipality in dealing with issues such as the clean-up of water consumption in the community.

Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan passed state registration in November 2018. The Association is a national network of Women and Enterprise Development Groups and acts as an organization representing the jellies of farmers engaged in agribusiness in villages The establishment of the Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan helps to continue the model by taking responsibility for strengthening existing groups and mobilizing new groups through its trained community mobilizers The association also supports business incubators and helps groups connect to official financial channels The Women and Enterprise Development Group through the Association of Rural Women of Azerbaijan continues to create networks at the regional and national levels This gives them the opportunity to expand the scope and scope of their business Since District Executive Bodies and Municipalities are interested in the creation of Women and Enterprise Development Groups and apply to the Board of the Association and support the creation of new groups ASJA helps Women and Enterprise Development Groups find resources and sell their products Currently members of the Women and Enterprise Development Group Association manage a total of 108 small businesses and employ 462 rural women;;;

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