SDG 15 “Conservation of terrestrial ecosystems” and Forest Workers Day in Kazakhstan

In the calendar of professional holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan – October 20 Day of

Forest workers! In this regard, I would like not only to congratulate forest workers on their professional holiday, but also to link this to the theme of the Sustainable Development Goals of the World.
After all, it is forest and forestry that are one of the main components of the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems, according to the UN Resolution of September 25, 2015 “Transforming the World for the Sustainable Development of the World until 2030.”

Goal 15: Protect and restore terrestrial ecosystems and promote their management, manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss
Forests occupy 30.7 per cent of the Earth ‘s surface. They not only provide food security and shelter, but also play a key role in combating climate change, help to preserve biodiversity and are the home of indigenous peoples. We lose thirteen million hectares of forests each year, and the permanent degradation of land in drylands has led to the desertification of 3.6 billion hectares.

Deforestation and desertification caused by human activity and climate change are serious obstacles to achieving sustainable development and have a negative impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people fighting poverty. Measures are being taken to manage forests and combat desertification.

Progress in the conservation and management of terrestrial species and terrestrial ecosystems is uneven. To date, forest loss has slowed and improvements in sustainable forest management and protection of biodiversity-critical areas continue to be observed. However, trends in land fertility, loss of biodiversity, and poaching and illegal trade in wildlife continue to be of serious concern.

And now a little about the forest in our republic. According to official data, forests in Kazakhstan occupy only 4.6% of the territory of the country. The main landscape appearance of the republic is created by steppes, semi-deserts and deserts. Forests, including  occupy an area of 21.8 million hectares, covered by forest areas of only 9.1 million hectares.

Main breeds: coniferous – pine, spruce, fir, larch, cedar, archa; Soft-colored – osin birch, topole, tree-like willow; Shrubs – archa crawling, rosehips, tavolga, acacia yellow and in deserts – comb (tamarisk), juzgun, acacia sandy, saxaul.

On the territory of the republic there are 115 species of endemic trees and shrubs, that is, growing only on the territory of Kazakhstan and nowhere more in other places on the globe not found, such as Juzgun (28 species), astragal (35 species), birch Kyrgyz, apple of Lynchevsky, Hawthorn of Zakaspian, Jungar, false Siberian, etc.

Relict species, that is, included in the vegetation cover of the Republic as representatives of flora of past epochs, include: El Tien-Shan, yasen moisture-loving (Sogdian), Kurchava karatau, pear Regel, boar Korolkov, pistacher, maple Semenova and some others.

Softwood is dominated by pine and fir, softwood – birch and osin; Of the hard ones is saxaul, occupying more than half of the forest-covered area.

This is official data from sources. 2014-03-19-04-27-22 & catid = 52: all

But in general it is pleasing that in recent years we have paid great attention to the breeding of forests. What is worth only the created green belt around our capital.

But I would like to pay special attention in our publication to our partner from Pavlodar region – the Center of Green Technologies, which is located on the base of eco-settlement Tuanjer- Native Land. The eco-settlement was created by Yuri Lviv Gasek and his family, together with him in the message live their parents, the family of sister Galina Brauer and about 10 other families who followed their example. The main goal is forest exploration! Surprisingly, they planted 20,000 trees in the bare steppe on a completely voluntary basis – 30 km from Pavlodar! Their main principle is to plant trees grown from seeds for 4 years, only then in a clean field. And the main thing is leaving. It must be said that most of the trees they planted by hand, with their own hands and with great love. What is worth his inspired posts, which Yuri Gashek places on his page in Fb Just yesterday schoolchildren of the neighboring village took part in another planting of trees, and these are fresh photos ! Invite to his account and channel _ RH- KIFDGiIA/vide


It is also important that his sister Galina Lviv Brauer is nominated by the Public Institute “ЦУР-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan” for the status of Leader of SDG 15 “Preservation of terrestrial ecosystems”! She became the Speaker of the Forum of Rural Women of Pavlodar Region on September 17, 2019, and her inspired speech left no one indifferent in the hall! Her success story will also be included in the book 100 Success Stories of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, which we will present on November 7-8 during the Republican Forum. While you can get acquainted with the text of her speech on the site Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan s = Galina Brauer

This is the contribution of our organization and our partners to the preservation of the forest in Kazakhstan and the achievement of the 15 Global Goal of the whole planet at the local level.

Text prepared by Askarovа Lyazat






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