SDG 13 “Combating Climate Change” – how can it be done with the help of art

Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 25 September 2015

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World Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
The document consists of five large blocks: PEOPLE, PLANET, PROSPERITY, PEACE and PARTNERSHIP.

The fight against global climate change is reflected in the Planet Block: “We are determined to protect the planet from degradation, including through the introduction of sustainable consumption and production patterns, the management of its natural resources and urgent action on climate change, so that the planet can meet the needs of present and future generations.”

A few years ago, most of us thought that climate change would not affect us, but we are increasingly aware that this could happen soon. And if you in the search engine take these words, the information will just strike you. It is on these days from December 2 to December 16, 2019 that the UN summit on this topic is held!

On the UN page you can also read about it

Interesting information about how art encourages us to think about global warming here on this link.

We will allow ourselves to reprint this article with reference to the source.

British artist and underwater sculptor Jason Taylor created a magnificent sculpture composition. It represents four horsemen and is filled with the deepest meaning. According to the author, her feature is that she can only be seen twice a day.

The main message of an unusual creation is to remind people of global warming, its consequences and the need to start making other decisions as early as possible – the right decisions.

The sculpture composition consists of two businessmen representing power and two children – a future generation that will face environmental disasters. Instead of heads, horses have pumps for oil wells.

We sincerely hope that the author ‘s message will reach everyone ‘s heart and help preserve the best for future children.


Surely read everything. At the end of the text there is a video that shows the idea of this sculpture composition. And it has its effect.

Photo: Jason DeCaires Taylor

Our team also includes artists Leila Ahmet Othman and Adele Orazalina, who contribute their art to the fight against climate change. And we ‘ve already written about it and are going to do it again. It is project Esolemart.

Here ‘s a link to our newsәlemecoart/

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