SDG 1 “Fighting Poverty” on a surprising example from India from our speaker at the Silk Road Women Leaders Forum in July 2018

Dear friends! In 2018, we organized the International Forum “Women – Leaders of the Silk Road.” It was a grandiose event – one of the brightest in the program of the Forum of Mayors of Cities! We had great speakers! Many of you think you remembered the speech of the Speaker from India Yasmin Kiduai, the director of the amazing film “Seven Weeks with Bossy Grandparents.” What was this performance about and how these grandmothers became “solar engineers” – read on our website! I decided to remind us all of this on this first day of the Global Action on SDG 1 “Poverty Alleviation”! Read! Admire! Be with us! And the olin conclusion – the introduction of green technologies everywhere – is also a way to overcome poverty! And these granny from the movie prove it! I thank Yasmin for coming to us! And also the daughter of Zhanar Nuketayeva – Aysha Musinov for the offer to invite her to our conference!

Decided to publish this news again, as in a year it becomes very relevant within the framework of the “Know Your Goals” campaign held by Glabal ! And today is the first day of action – SDG 1 “Fight against poverty
А также ссылку на фильм

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova






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