Sadvokasova Gulnur Anuarbekovna – mayor of Shortandy district of Akmola region

In Kazakhstan, there are only four women – mayors of rural regions. All of them head large areas and on population, and on availability of various spheres of production, and on national structure. World statistics confirm that where women are at the decision — making level, and here at the level of local Executive power, much attention is paid to the social issues of the population-this is the so-called soft power, which is given in modern public policy serious attention.

We present to you information about another woman — Gulnur Anuarbekovna Sadvokasova — mayor of Shortandy district of Akmola region.

Sadvokasova Gulnur Anuarbekovna (date of birth: 1970 ) has two diplomas of higher education: Kustanay pedagogical Institute (1991) and Kokshetau Institute of Economics and management, specialty “State and local government”. (2008))

Sadvokasov began her career in 1991 as Deputy Director for educational work in the school of the Factory town of Stepnogorsk, then worked as a methodologist in the Department of education of the city of Stepnogorsk, headed it. In 2007 she was appointed Deputy mayor of Stepnogorsk, and since June 2013 she has been holding the position of mayor of Shortandy district

Gulnur Anuarbekovna directs rather big area in which 12 rural districts. The population of the district is more than 30 thousand people, with different national composition.

Sectoral focus of the district is agrarian-industrial.

Shortandy district is one of the main agricultural regions of Akmola region, mainly grain production. The significant potential of agriculture contributes to the development of the food industry.

In the area there is a large mine “Zholymbet” for the extraction and processing of gold and gold ore. The region accounts for a significant share of gold production in the region’s total production. The presence of mineral deposits in the area causes the development of production of building materials.

The material is prepared Gulyaim Jakupova

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