The idea of creating the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders” was created thanks to the project “History of my success” initiated by us at the Rural Women ‘s Forum in 2018. These stories have shocked us so much, and we have seen in them, in their stories and activities, compliance with indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals!

In addition, for four years we have been actively working to identify active women, real leaders in the field of green innovation, educational and civic projects Our organization has a number of Committees headed by such women. I. We have created a unique institution of Goodwill Ambassadors – women who have expressed a desire to be followers of our ideas and initif in different countries of the world A. And this is all our team that shares our values and is ready to bravely carry our innovations into the world and support each other

Both the 2018 Forum and our regional forums this year allow us to identify such bright bold leaders among rural women. And when we decided to nominate them to become Leaders of SDG-2030, we, of course, agreed with them all this, informed about our initiative, and we will continue our activities with them so that they can position themselves with this honorary and very responsible status.

We are well aware that we have taken on a rather serious mission and declared a unique public institution! But someone had to do it! And we did it! After all, it is not for nothing that our slogan sounds like this: “Courage to be first!”

So, meet our leaders! With each of them we will introduce from September 8 to September 24! These days the Global Company “Know Your Goals!”

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova






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