Rakhimbekova Saltanat: Message 2019 – a time of systemic reforms and civic participation

In the Address of the President K.-Zh.Tokayev big

Attention is paid to the intensification of civic participation in economic reforms and the rise of the village as our main resource.

S.Rakhimbekova gave an interview to BNews.kz on September 5, 2019,

In which he expresses his opinion on this matter. We offer it to your attention.

This is still relevant today, on the second day of the Global Campaign “Know Your Goals,” under SDG 2 “Eliminating Hunger, Ensuring Food Security and Improving Nutrition and Promoting Sustainable Agriculture.”

5 September, 10:49503


According to the Chairman of the Board of the UUL Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global, in the Address the President specified his vision of directions of political, social and economic reforms for the current period, the correspondent of the BNews.kz reports.
“The heat of reform is growing, this has been felt especially since the inauguration after the elections. People ‘s faith and expectations are growing, but everyone must find their place to participate in them as their patriotic duty. When the activity of the state and parliament is low, people are also excluded from politics, social activity, participation in elections, patriotic and charitable activities. It is important to raise the social activity of the business, and for this purpose it should feel the support of the state and reduce administrative barriers, Rakhimbekova said.

From January 2020 the decision of the President on a three-year ban on inspections of micro and small business entities will enter.

“For the first time in the country, the President introduces into the legal field the term” micro-business, “which ensures human survival, common among international organizations. As you know, very small monthly income in Kazakhstan is not subject to taxation Perhaps it should be increased to the minimum wage The President rightly focuses on the fact that social assistance cannot solve all problems of poverty, and its means are limited, which is more important to teach people to earn money on their own Many people with disabilities can earn at home

Saltanat Rakhimbekova supports the idea of the Head of State that it is necessary to actively introduce new forms of business support with emphasis on social aspects – creation of family businesses, first of all for large and low-income families.

“So far, employment problems have not been linked to education reform. While only half of the country ‘s universities provide 60% employment rate for their graduates. The vocational education system is not market oriented. Enterprises are forced to invite relevant specialists from abroad. To this one can add that we do not have whole branches of green economy: bioenergy, coal chemistry, green construction, production of paper and cellulose from herbs, breeding of aquatic plants, export of organic fertilizers, etc. There is no certification of new “green” professions, marketers of “green” goods, no one will help professionally help to choose competing equipment for buyers and stores, the speaker said.

She also touched upon the development of ecological and ethnographic tourism.

“The main direction of economic reforms remains the rise of the village and agriculture. As the President noted, agriculture is our main resource, but it is not fully used. We have a significant potential for the production of organic and environmentally friendly products, which are in demand not only in the country, but also abroad. This accent is substantial. Only in this area will agro-products be competitive, not to mention the importance for the health of the nation. At the same time, modern green technologies allow to grow organic products with less cost, with the best taste and biological qualities, Saltanat Rakhimbekova said

She also believes that environmental and innovative activities in Kazakhstan are impossible without administrative and legal support of the state.

“The Government needs to step up its efforts to improve the environment, expand the use of renewable energy sources, and cultivate conservation towards nature. In this regard, the campaign “Bürge – pelvic of Kazakhstan!” deserves approval, which needs to be continued, “- said the Chairman of the Board of the UUL” Coalition for Green Economy and Developed

According to her, an important direction of political reforms will be to strengthen the economic capacity, independence of regions and activities of independent professional public organizations, which, in her opinion, can perform functions on the basis of tenders, which are not handled by state agencies.

The new function of public activity will be to evaluate the activity of state bodies, conduct public surveys. After all, many are not even interested in the activities of their local akimats, do not participate in public dialogues, discussions of the proposed programs and events. For each minister and governor there should be a list of key performance indicators. They will determine the level of achievement of specific goals. As we know, the National Council of Public Trust under the President has already been formed, the Virtual Reception of the Head of State has been opened, she said.

In conclusion, she noted that the new reforms are of a deep systemic nature, aimed at expanding the interaction between the State, civil society and the private sector, the green economy, accelerated adaptation to new global trends and challenges.

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