Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan”

Based on the current situation and the uniqueness of the Sustainable Development Goals, it was decided to launch this initiative to promote and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of Kazakhstan while ensuring the protection of the planet in the unity of the three related pillars – the economy, society and the environment.

The programme for sustainable development until 2030 cannot be implemented without the participation of everyone: men and women, children and adults – all those concerned about the fate of the world today and tomorrow.

Three public organizations – Expo & Women International, Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global and Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan together with partners take the initiative to create the Public Institute Leader of SDG-2030 in Kakhzakhstan.

It will be unique in its content and purpose proactive Public Institute of Leaders SDG-2030 among several categories: rural women, youth, educational organizations, etc., with determination of their Status, and this, in our opinion, will be one of the effective measures to respond to the challenges and barriers of our time affecting the quality of life of the population

Some excerpts from the Regulation on the Activities of the Public Institute.

Goal: Consolidation of representatives of different target groups around the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 based on the principle of “no one should be left out”
1. Organization of extensive awareness-raising activities within the framework of the SDGs and their localization through increased involvement of the population in the achievement of global goals related to the economy, ecology and development of society, in measures to support development and promote peace and security.
2. Participation in the analysis on the implementation of 17 SDGs in Kazakhstan and regions and development of recommendations on topical issues of sustainable development of territories and improvement of quality of life.
3. Increase legal literacy of the population and demonstrate tools for interaction with the State, business and civil society.
4. The increased expertise of SDG-2030 Leaders in the region and the Republic will make it possible to present the Sustainable Development Agenda at the national, regional and global levels, as well as in their implementation, monitoring and review of the Agenda, as well as in holding Governments accountable.

Expected results:
1. The Republic of Kazakhstan will create a unique Public Institute and the Status of SDG-2030 Leaders as an effective response to the challenges and barriers of our time affecting the quality of life and development of the territories.
2. The activities of the Institute of SDG-2030 Leaders will also have an undeniable economic effect and will have an impact on the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas and on the implementation of the SDG 11 – “Sustainable Cities and Settlements,” first and foremost, on the complex of all interrelated and complementary all Sustainable Development Goals.
3 . The organizers of the Public Institute express their readiness to summarize and present the experience of the Public Institute and SDG-2030 Leaders at the national and international level.

According to the Regulation, the status of Ambassador of SDG-2030 provides for the use of high personal capabilities, authority and business ties, professional knowledge of potential Ambassadors on Sustainable Development Goals to carry out voluntary social activities aimed at:

Positioning itself as a SDG-2030 Leader to improve the quality of life and development of the Territories;
Explaining in targeted public audiences the goals, objectives and opportunities of global and local Sustainable Development Goals and actively involving the population, companies and innovators in these and other events, promoting media coverage, including through their social media accounts.
Attracting active people in the region and in the Republic of Kazakhstan to participate in the events of the organizers of the Public Institute, as well as their partners, thematically related to the Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

On this basis, there is a need to develop and continuously improve a special SDG-2030 promotion program through the organization of on-line/off-line awareness and competence-raising courses for SDG-2030 Leaders among rural women, as well as for all interested persons.

For the start of such a program it is proposed to hold the School of SDG -2030 “Know your Goals.”

The basis for its holding was participation of the project manager L.K.Askarova in the training program Open School of Sustainable Development

From May to July this year I got there not only good knowledge, but also desire to promote the ideas of SDG-2030 for all

But, perhaps, the main partner was Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova, the founder of all the above-mentioned organizations. As a person with a global mindset, it has long not only talked about the Sustainable Development Goals, but all its professional activities are correlated with SDGs. And when there is such an inspiration nearby, everything becomes possible!

And again we act here according to our slogan “The courage to be first!

So, are you ready to be with us? I think so, yes!

Then with us you can:

Gain the necessary knowledge and improve your competence on the topic of SDG-2030.
To become acquainted with the Leaders of SDG-2030 among rural women and young people and with them to learn to position themselves and their actions with the respective Goals and to become a medium of dissemination of ideas and values of the Sustainable Development Goals 203
Become a leader of public opinion and an expert in the field of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in their organizations, collectives, communities and country.
Promote policy adaptation of SDG-2030 at the local, national and regional levels.
To contribute to the work of the Institute of Leaders SDG-2030 that in the future will have an undeniable economic effect and will influence the improvement of the quality of life as a complex of all interrelated and complementary all Sustainable Development Goals.

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova






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