«International organization «EXPO&WOMEN» together with BCG and UNDP is carrying out session «WOMEN in SCIENCE, INNOVATIONS, BUSINESS»  on AEF.

Date: 17th May 2019

Time: 14:15 — 17:00

Venue: Hall of plenary meetings «Nur-Sultan», 1 floor

In the AEF-2019 program it is the only platform which is especially devoted to a subject of gender equality and gender balance in science, innovations and business. And it brought together this time the star list of speakers.

Roza Otunbayeva —president of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (2010-2012yy).

Gulshara Abdykhalikova, deputy prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Balvanero Bruno, the managing director of the EBRD for Central Asia

Asli Kurbay – partner and the managing director of BCG (Istanbul)

García-Banos Selviya – specialist in programs of policy and finance of IRENA (UAE)

Asel Ayapova – director of the global innovational program on development application of drones, AES corporation (USA)

Aleksandra Akkirman – manager on governmental and public relations of the “Coca-Cola” company in Central Asia and Caucasus

Gauhar Nurgaliyeva Head of Eurasian Studies Lab, SKOLKOVO Institute for Emerging Market Studies

Camila Magziyeva, director of TM Ltd “Kok Saghuz”, the National researches and innovations coordinator of the Framework Program of the EU “Horizon 2020” in Kazakhstan;

Aygul Solovyova, Chairman of the board of Association of ecological organizations of Kazakhstan, deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of IV-V convocations;

Saltanat Rakhimbekova, chairman of Presidium of the International organization “Expo&Women”

Moderator of the session – Rakhym Oshakbayev – TV host, director of the center of applied studies “Talap”

Speakers will answer a number of questions among which:

How do women – politicians influence decision-making? How to raise their sphere of influence? (Roza Otunbayeva)

How to modern Eurasian women to find balance between two modern trends: feminization by Islamization (Gauhar Nurgaliyeva)

How to increase the number of girls in science and technologies through an education system and house education and what role here is played not only by teachers, but also by parents?

What difficulties scientific developments in Kazakhstan face and whether the sex of the scientist influences it? (Camila Magziyeva)

What effect will bring to world economy gender equality? (Balvanera Bruno)

Speakers of the first part will share the success stories and will give advice to Kazakhstan citizens.

The second part will pass in a format of a panel session at which with welcome speech the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykhalikova will make a speech.

Speakers of a session will answer a number of questions of the moderator and participants of a session from the hall and also will express the opinion on such questions, important for Kazakhstan, as:

What indicators in Sustainable development goal No. 5 “Gender equality” should be used to Kazakhstan? (Asli Kurbay, partner and managing director, BCG (Istanbul))

How to stimulate participation of women in innovations and business? (Selviya Garcia-Banos, specialist in programs of the Center of policy and finance, IRENA, UAE).

How to overcome resistance of a conservative part of society to gender equality? (Talgat Narikbayev, chairman of the board, Rector of the KAZGUU University)

Whether courage of judgments and an independent position depends on whether you are a man or woman? (Aygul Solovyova, Chairman of the board of Association of ecological organizations of Kazakhstan, deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of IV-V convocations)

How to women who have already a big circle of cares to find time for socially significant affairs or it is, so to speak, destiny chosen or for those who have a lot of free time? (Saltanat Rakhimbekova, Chairman of Presidium of the International organization “Expo&Women”)

Additional information.

Expansion of the economic rights and opportunities of women, growth of gender equality increase productivity, increase diversification of economy and equality of income. According to the International Monetary Fund, achievement of gender balance will promote GDP growth in such developed countries as Canada and Japan, for 4%, and in developing countries – up to 30-32%. The gender balance positively influences introduction of innovations, business key performance indicators, the general organizational and financial success of the companies, growth of a social component of business.

Rapid development of science and technologies attracts huge demand for talents which the companies hardly manage to satisfy. At the same time business and the state not always effectively use the potential of women who make 36% of graduates on specialties in the field of natural sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics worldwide, but take only 25% of jobs and 9% of the leading positions in these areas.

For the last decades many countries of the world including Kazakhstan, big achievements in the field of gender equality have. Nevertheless there are still problems which should be solved. For example, restriction of equal access to finance, earth, real estate and technologies. There are still gender gaps in access to the highly paid jobs leading to positions, especially in rural areas that leads to gaps in compensation between men and women.

For search of answers to a question as to the international community to reach gender equality, “The international organization “EXPO&WOMEN” together with BCG and PROON holds the “Women in Science, Innovations and Business” session within AEF. The session will consist of two parts – speeches of speakers in the Ted Talks format and a panel discussion.

 On all arising questions you can address to:

Lyazyat Askarova, 7 775 170 9094,

Meruert Abdaliyeva, 7778 456 0999,

Andrey Orlov, 7 929 696 9231,

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