Presentation of youth project Leaders of SDG-2030 among youth in Kazakhstan

On November 28-29, the First Youth University was held on the basis of the Eurasian National University

Forum “Contribution of students and young teachers to the transformation of SDG-2030.”

The Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan” on this platform presented the activities of the youth platform. The opening cecia at the forum was called “SDG-2030: why do we need it?,” moderated by Saltanat Rakhimbekova, head of the Public Institute. The welcoming speech was delivered by Aigul Solovyeva, the Chairman of the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan, she once again stressed the importance of solving environmental problems in Kazakhstan and the world as the basis of well-being and sustainable development. Presentation by Bulat K. Esekin, International Expert on Sustainable Development, Water and Climate Change, The Global Water Partnership for Central Asia, the Caucasus and Mongolia on the theme “Sustainable development goals – practical implementation on the example of Kazakhstan and Central Asia” was filled with figures and facts about the real environmental situation and forced the participants of the forum to understand more deeply the importance of the Global Agenda put forward by the UN in its Resolution Transforming Our World for Sustainable Development 2030

Сегодня, 28 ноября 2019 года, В Евразийском Национальном университете им. Л.Н.Гумилева прошел первый день…

Опубликовано Салтанат Рахимбековой Четверг, 28 ноября 2019 г.

Already known in Kazakhstan Yuri Gashek as a person promoting love for the land-mother and care for her through forest exploration and planting of trees with clean hands of children, told about the wonderful project and invite everyone to eco-lesson, which in the program was on the second day

The participants of the forum were also students and young teachers of a number of capital schools, with which we will launch a pilot program on integration of SDG -2030 topics into educational and educational programs of schools. These are schools 67, 58, 10! Thank you, dear colleagues and partners

Lyazat Askarov, Coordinator of the Public Institute, held an awareness-raising conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals and what everyone can do to save our planet The objective of the Public Institute is to consolidate youth representatives around the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 on the basis of the principle of “no one should be left out” On the other hand, we have personalized the SDGs in our own way, through our SDG Leaders among the youth of Kazakhstan Each of them through its activities shows how to make its local contribution to the achievement of the UN global goals

Приглашаю посмотреть и послушать презентацию Программы «Лидеры ЦУР-2030 среди молодёжи в Казахстане» Общественного института ЦУР-2030 в Казахстане. Программу презентует координатор проекта Лязят Аскарова

Опубликовано Салтанат Рахимбековой Четверг, 28 ноября 2019 г.

Let ‘s show you how this can be done with a few examples. The purpose of this publication is to involve young people of Kazakhstan in the topic of SDGs, to involve them in active activity, and to prepare them for participation in the Contest “Youth envoys of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan” This will be part of the UN ‘s big Youth 2030 programme.


Here, dear friends, real Leaders SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan.

Gradually we will introduce you to each of them! When we get acquainted with this publication, we would like each of you to decide to become one of the Leaders of the SDG-2030, too.

Very soon we announce the Contest “Youth envoys of the SDG”! Be with us!

The Forum was organized by the International Secretariat of G-Global, the Eurasian National University named after L.Gumilev, the Coalition for Green Economy and Development of G-Global, the International organization Expo & Women and the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan” created by us

We express our gratitude to Vice-Rector of the Federal University A.N. Zhaldasbekova, Head of the Department of Social and Civil Activity R. Alkozha, Head of the Department of International Cooperation G.Raisova and in their person all employees of the University.

We very much hope that the project to involve the youth of ENE in the social movement to achieve SDG-2030 for the sustainable development of our society will be successful and long-term!

Project Coordinator – Lyazat Askarova





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