PLENARY SESSION SDG17 Partnership and Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Central Asia

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On April 20, the final event of the III Central Asian Scientific Forum on Sustainable Development and Innovation was held in an online format, and it was PLENARY SDG17 SESSION Partnership and Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Central Asia The main purpose of the Forum is to provide a platform for talented researchers from Central Asia to present and discuss their breakthrough scientific projects on sustainable development in the region. The Forum also serves to find and involve potential partners from state bodies, business structures and public organizations in scientific projects aimed at sustainable development of Central Asian countries.
The final plenary session was presented with a strong cast of speakers.
The session was opened by Erlan Abilfaizovich Idrissov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Great Britain and member of the Advisory Board of the Kazakhstan PhD Association in Great Britain
The moderators of the session were Ghani Bekenov, Director of the Representative Office of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan – Elbassa in Great Britain and Aliya Sembayeva, President of the Kazakh PhD Association in Great Britain, Co-Chairman of the Research Committee of the British-Kazakh Community.

The purpose of the Session is to bring together as many stakeholders as possible in achieving SDGs at both the local and global levels: representatives of government entities responsible for formulating and implementing policies to realize the economic and cultural potential of Central Asia; Industry representatives, including venture capital, interested in the potential benefits of investment in Central Asia; Both young and experienced scientists whose experience can be used as a bridge between the government and stakeholders in the industrial sector.

Among the speakers of the round table:

Vlastimil Samek, representative of the UN Global Communications Department and Head of the UN Information Bureau in Kazakhstan.

Farchad Shaimuratovich Kuanganov, Head of Elbasa Academy

Rupert Goodman, Chairman of the British-Kazakh Community

Professor Steve Rothberg, Vice-Rector of Research at Lafborough University

Tessa Dahling, Development Director, One Young World, International Leadership Organization

Richard Everitt, Director, British Council for Education, Europe and Central Asia

Professor Alexander Van de Putt, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Astana International Financial Centre (IFC) Council

Sergey Stastkin, Head of Commercial Representative Offices of BBC World News in Eurasia

Professor Folker Reuben, Professor of Energy Law and Global Regulation at the Centre for Energy, Oil and Mineral Law and Politics, University of Dundee

Aliya Kairatova Galimov, Chairman of the Civil Society Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of Kazakhstan

Lyazat Askarova, Executive Director, international organization EXPO & Women, coordinator of the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan.

The forum was held with the support of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasa, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Great Britain, the United Nations Information Bureau in Kazakhstan (UNDP), the British-Kazakh Community, Bolashaq Presidential Scholarship of the Center for International Programs, Eurasian University of Technology, the BUREAU, LAF

Live broadcast of the session took place on the FB page of the Kazakhstan PhD Association UK, as well as on the personal page @KhalidaAzhigulova it was possible to hear everything in Russian translation and layout, our performances – in English.
Expanded programme of the Forum:


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