PHOTO EXHIBITION “Women of the Silk Road”

In the previous publication, we wrote that on Cities’ Mayors Forum “Global Silk Road” we organized a photo exhibition “Women of the Silk Road”. The ideological inspirer and its organizer is Dinara Assanova and NGO “Women of Kazakhstan”.

D.Assanova: “One of the remarkable achievements of ancient civilizations is rightly considered the Great Silk Road. For the first time in the history of mankind, on the vast expanses from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, it connected various countries and peoples, connected their material, artistic and spiritual cultures. For many centuries, along this path, ideas, technologies, crafts, music, books, and beliefs were exchanged.

At the moment Kazakhstan actively participates in international projects on the revival of the Great Silk Road. We hope that our exhibition will also make a small contribution and will contribute to the cultural and spiritual revival of the countries of the Silk Road. ”

NGO Women of Kazakhstan is presenting the Imaginary photo project “Women of the Silk Road”, dedicated to the diversity of Eastern women. The project is aimed at showing and revealing the inner style of every woman. In the course of the work, methods were used to identify the genetic location, the ancestral energies of each woman. About 100 stylized oriental images of modern women were created, which came out in the process of working with the inner style of each of them. Creators: Costume Designer – Assel Shalabayeva; Photographer – Evgeniya Bergman; The make-up artist is Botagoz Abdibayeva.

18 selected works will be presented at the photo exhibition

Photo works, reflecting the creative approach to each created image, cause a genuine interest in the subject.

By the way, it should be noted that these authors are currently working in the creative team of the creation of the film “Tomiris”!

For our part, we express our gratitude to Dinara Assanova, Assel Shalabayeva, Botagoz Abdibayeva and Evgeniya Bergman for the opportunity to touch the amazing world of women’s images of the Silk Road created by you!

Guldana Zhurkabayeva, a creative member of our team, showed a great help in organizing the exhibition – an artist, a designer and the head of the creative group “Amplitude”!


Material was prepared by: Lyazyat Askarova

Translated by: Alisher Akkazenov

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