Opening of the knowledge dissemination Center «National academy of green technologies»

On September 4, 2015 the National Commission for women affairs, family and demographic policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with Arshaly district Akimat of Akmola region, ALE “Coalition for the “green” economy and development of G-Global”, Public fund “Akbota” and UN Development Programme in Kazakhstan open the knowledge dissemination Center “National academy of green technologies” in Arnasay village. (forward- Center) Beginning at 11:00.

The Center was created by initiation of ALE “Coalition for the “green” technologies and development of G-Global” and Public fund “Akbota”, and grant support of UNDP and International fund “Coca-Cola”.

Creation of this educational Center is an input of Kazakhstan national and international organizations in implementation of the Concept of transition to “green” economy in Kazakhstan and preparation to “EXPO- 2017”. Thus, in implementation of the events on National Plan of organization and holding the exhibition “EXPO- 2017” on 2013- 2017, providing for the creation of the demonstration sites of “green” technologies around Astana city, was created given demonstration site.

The main goal of Center is training of various categories of people in the country with knowledge of “green” economy and “green” technologies, introduction with practice of the usage of energy and water saving technologies and practices.

On real demonstrational sites will be organized training of more effective technologies in energy saving and organic agriculture, replication of already implemented in country projects on low energy, energy effective heating and lightning, tourism, “green” construction, recycling and other directions.

Center’s area of 1050 m2 include in itself class room, hotel for 30 places, dining room, fitodyode greenhouse and solar biovegetarian (greenhouse of new generation)

Nowadays, Center is equipped with about half a dozen innovative “green” technologies: Pyrolysis heating, solar batteries and collectors, LED and fitodyode lightning, energy effective pumps and etc.

There was built big year-round greenhouse-biovegetarian from polycarbonate by the project of Russian company “GreenPik”, the greenhouse in basement with fitodyode light bulbs for stimulation of plant grow and drip irrigation system. They started cultivation of special fortified greenery by the technology from USA.

Installed one of the most effective and long lasting solar collector KunTech with concentrate that gives a hot water and steam to 120 degrees. The author is director of the technopark in Nazarbayev University, Dias Bayseitov, is one of the leaders of Republic competition Online- EXPO-2017. There was also installed sunwell-waveguide, solar foto panels from Astana Solar factory, smokeless boilers for heating from Pyrolysis (gas generators). They now installed the domestic biogas installation for recycling organic waste, underground heat accumulator that will retrieve by the heat pump.

Trainees will receive practical advice and skill adaptation of “green” technologies on the basis of “villagers teach and demonstrate”. By the end of the complex training on bases of “green business”, trainees will receive the certificates.

Since there is only the best technology that has been selected and exhibited, Center becomes a demonstration area for the visitors of exhibition EXPO-2017, sort of mini EXPO. It is also a good opportunity to exhibit new “green” goods of innovative companies.

Nowadays, Center has an opportunity to show the samples of new techniques and extend this kind of spread through the Internet- video conferences.

In perspective, hold the virtual trainings with online translations from the Center and demonstration places of foreign innovations. This training can cover the auditorium with any population and attract the best experts in one way or another related to new technologies in video conference mode.

This way, Center can become a territory of “green economy”, where “green” projects and practices were implemented and guests of “EXPO-2017” can visit.

At the opening day, was also planned to hold a training seminar on “development of “green” entrepreneurship and opportunities of resource conservation in local communities” for the secretary of regional commission for women affair, family and demographic policy under Akims and the Heads of regional management on development of entrepreneurship.

Creating the Center was preceded by the two year of Coalition work on study, selection and promotion of the best “green” technologies and practices. Coalition also created the virtual exhibition of “green” technologies, website of green technology competition, they created the database of international and national green technologies.

The event will attend the members of National commission for women affairs, family and demographic policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Deputies of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Heads of Ministry of national economy, energy, education and science, agriculture, sponsorship and development, the Heads of development Institutions, Representatives of budget organizations, specialized NGO and business structure, mass media and others.

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