Open School for Sustainable Development Global Campaign – KNOW YOUR GOALS – from 8 to 25 September 2019

Dear friends! From September 8 to 25, the Global Campaign “Open School of Sustainable Development” begins – KNOW YOUR GOALS!

In the summer of this year I was lucky to be trained in an on-line school, where I received remarkable presented knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals and, of course, there was a great desire to become an active participant in this process and to involve all Kazakhstanis.

It is for this purpose that we initiated the creation of the Public Institute “ЦУР-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan.”

The Open School of Sustainable Development is a real open school, as it allows everyone to actively use their intellectual and information resources! It is today that their third Global Campaign “Know Your Goals” begins. It will take place on-line! We invite everyone to dip into this topic! What ‘s that gonna give us?

Although the UNN Resolution was adopted as early as 25 September 2015, and it has been on the planet for 4 years, it turns out that many do not know anything about it at all. I have seen this by holding recent awareness-raising meetings in the schools of Nur Sultan, as well as during the Rural Women ‘s Forums in the regions. Yes, they don ‘t know, but when they find out: everyone understands that it is all for you and me – everyone! And everyone should know Global Goals as their own! And that ‘s it! Join us in our campaign and make sure!

From September 8 to September 25 – for 17 days – every day will be devoted to one of the SDGs! Agree – it is very convenient!

The Open School has also created its own site, where you can find a lot of relevant and accessible information for seeba and your professional activities So, let ‘s start all the meetings

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarov

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