One of the first colonialists of Mars has told about women’s leadership on the summit in Astana!

The list of unusual speakers of Global Challenges Summit-2018 in Astana was replenished with the physicist-theorist who will become one of the first colonialists of Mars, Adriana Marais. Adriana Marais is a participant of the Mars One project — the private project directed by the Bass Lansdorp and assuming flight to Mars with the subsequent foundation of colony on his surface and broadcast of all events per television. Marais has already undergone all selection tours and enters the first four of Red planet colonialists. And she was on May 18 a speaker of a session “The rights instead of privileges. How women’s leadership can affect the modern world” during the XI Astana economic forum Global Challenges Summit-2018″. “The answer to the main problematic issue of our session “How Women’s Leadership Can Affect the Modern World” already is in this most unusual female act! The woman who has decided to investigate unknown … “The unknown charm to me was always felt much stronger, than comfort known” — she says, defining her choice!”. Adriana has received the scientist’s degree in the sphere of physics and philosophy at the university of Cape Town in South Africa. After the termination of the university in Cape Town Adriana became the master of quantum cryptography to Kvazulu-Natal, and then has protected degree of the doctor of philosophy in physics, has a number of scientific publications in the sphere of quantum physics and biophysics.


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Dear friends! Surely look at this literally space interview with our speaker Andriana Marays! Everything that you would like to ask her, the talented journalist Talgat Baiguzhinov has already asked  Thanks to him and Atameken Business Channel Thanks to them for tremendous plot!

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