New heading on our website “Women Changing the World”!

In this heading on our information resource we will place information on women of the world and Kazakhstan whose activity has exerted noticeable impact on positive changes in world of policy, business, innovations, culture, sport, etc. And, of course, we will write about those who are connected directly with subject EXPO.

History many times proved that woman is something bigger, than just daughter, spouse, mother or sister. Representatives of a fine half of mankind have showed themselves as active public figures, fighters for justice, heroines, rescuers, successful business ladies and family keepers.

Women have played not the last role in creation of history and left in it their fragile, but at the same time an indelible trace. They weren’t afraid of sneers from society, sacrificed themselves, took the risk and changed the direction of historical events.

In philosophical views of the different people and thinkers opinions there were a lot of expressions on a high mission of the woman. For example, Herodotus said: “If you want to protect the homeland, then bring up sons. If you want to protect the nation – bring up daughters”. Great Confucius has also estimated a role of woman: “Women prop up a half of the Sky”. According to traditional Kazakh outlook : “Women swing cradle by one hand and Universe by second hand” “. Let’s be worthy this great mission!

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Author: Lyazyat Kazhytaevna, Aybota Takhimbekova


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