New heading on our website: “Green economy: reset”

Dear friends! Mission of the International Organization “Expo&Women” — involvement of women of Kazakhstan and world into the movement for ecology, innovations and EXPO, active assistance to participation of women in events of EXPO international exhibitions.

Subject of the international EXPO-2017 exhibition in Astana “Future energy” is related to green economy. Today all progressive mankind understands that green economy is the best and effective way of evolutionary development of our planet. Green economy is economy of the future!

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev in his Message of 2018 “New opportunities of development in conditions of fourth industrial revolution” called development of resource potential one of the important directions and has emphasized need of increase in requirements to energy efficiency and energy saving, environmental friendliness and efficiency of the enterprises. But for this purpose we have to change our way of thinking and behavior. Therefore we have decided to open on our website a new heading so that you, our dear readers, could be informed on this subject too.

It is also proved by the fact that primary activity of our organization is connected with a subject of green economy. The initiator of creation of IO “Expo&Women” and the Chairman of Presidium Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova is one of the brightest leaders in this sphere in Kazakhstan and one of well recognized experts at the international level.

We consider that not only our team, but also all Kazakhstan citizens and all progressive people have to be into this subject. We all need to change the way of thinking and form new model of ecological behavior.

Republic of Kazakhstan in 2013 had already accepted “Concept of transition to green economy”.

What is “green” economy? We have included this question into survey for participants of II International Women’s forum “Future energy: women, business and global economy”. We have to mention that most of answers did not satisfy us.

“Green” economy – economy directed on conservation of wellness of the society through effective usage of natural resources. Moreover “green” economy provides a return of final use products to a production cycle.

First of all, “green” economy is directed to economical consumption of those resources which are exhausting now (minerals – oil, gas) and rational use of inexhaustible resources. The base of green economy – clean or “green” technologies. According to experts, development of “green” economy will allow our country to avoid ecological crisis which has affected many post-industrial countries.

You can find a lot of useful information on website of «Coalition for green economy and G-Global development»:

So, dear friends! Be acquainted with information!  In order to change the world start from yourself!

Author: Lazzat Askarova

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