Mushroom farm under the streets of Paris

LaCaverne is a unique urban farm that grows mushrooms, herbs and greens under the streets of Paris. Located in the district Of La Chapelle in the North-Central part of Paris, LaCaverne is owned and operated by the Parisian farming company Cycloponics, which is focused on sustainable, local food and local economic development.

“We want to promote a new model of urban agriculture that is both productive and sustainable,” the company said in a statement. “We also strive to create new ways of producing, to restore the farmer’s profession, often misunderstood, to create jobs … and ultimately to offer the city’s residents local and tasty products.”

LaCaverne – underground urban farm, area 3 437 square meters, located in a previously abandoned garage under the apartment complex of 300 apartments.

A team of ten people working together, supporting a system of hydroponics and led lighting used for growing vegetables, ensuring optimum mushroom culture growth and further sale of these products in the market.

To date, the farm produces about 300 kg of mushrooms per month. In the future, the team aims to eventually produce annually 54 tons of vegetables and fruits.

Veshanki and shiitake are grown on the briquettes of composted manure, and the greens grow well without soil. Farmers LaCaverne harvested chicory, which does not need sunlight.

In growing greenery helps led lighting, adapted to certain spectra of light. Bundles of lettuce are rich in nutrients and water do not need soil trays stacked on top of each other. Each month, the team collects 3 kilograms of green.The unique location of the farm LaCaverne is a reflection of the philosophy Cycloponics, which stresses the need for reuse and conservation of resources.

“The idea is to cultivate in the same space different kinds of vegetables that interact in a positive way,” the company explains.

“For example: CO2 produced by mushrooms is used by greenery, ensuring its growth, natural materials are composted by our enthusiasm for the application of these methods has become permaculture! (permanent agriculture, a design system to create a viable human environment.The term proposed by the Australian zoologist bill Mollison)”.

The material was prepared by Assel Musimbi


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