IО «Expo&Women»: summing up the results of 2017

For our team 2017 year was as bright, courageous and fervent, as the character of a symbol of 2017 year – the rooster!

IO “Expo&Women” in 2017 became the organizer of several important events.

First and the most important event that was carried out by ULE “Coalition for green economy and G-Global development” is II International Women’s Forum “Future energy: women, business and global economy”. 250 participants of 10 countries.

Results: in seven countries Goodwill ambassadors were appointed: China, Russia, Italy, USA, UAE, Equatorial Republic Guinea, Malaysia, Finland. There was a support from the Headquarters of EXPO-2020 concerning holding a women’s forum in Dubai within WORLD EXPO-2020.

2. The entire period before EXPO-2017 within “Implementation of the Plan of actions on participation of women of Kazakhstan on EXPO-2017” more than 20 projects has been realized with the general coverage of more than 1500 people.

3. Implementation of the annual social project on support of unemployed women “Coca-Cola belesterі”. More than 1000 women were trained, about 60 applications were submitted, 10 rural women were awarded with grants on creation and support of own business.

4. Conference “Input of women of Kazakhstan in carrying out EXPO-2017” in the frame of Astana Economic Forum.

5. І and ІІ Republican fair-exhibition “Exhibition of the great steppe”

6. The Honorable register of female innovators from among participants of the Republican competition “ONLINE EXPO-2017” was founded. These are 20 scientists and practicians dealing with issues related to “green” economy.

7. Took active part in organization of children-youth summer camp EXPO-Camp. During summer there were seven seasons for kids and youth from 7 to 25 years (total amount was approximately 1000 people).

8. A branch of MO “Expo&Women” was opened and is actively working in Mangystau Region (Head – Seydaliyeva Nasipkul).

9. The committee on the international cooperation (Zamzagul Amanzhanova) and Committee on communications (Gulzhan Mukhametzhanova) has carried out a lot of work on creation of the international partner network of our organization. Now active negotiations on holding a women’s forum within the Beijing EXPO-2017 are being conducted.

10. The committee on science and innovations (Lazzat Kusainova) has organized participation of 18 Kazakhstan citizens at the international scientific venues, including four school students that have participated in a junior scientific training in Beijing.

11.  The committee on culture (Apriza Khusainov) is creating a partner network among cultural figures and art with which we have realized model of an etno-village in the Arnasay village, a beautiful ritual “Tusau kesu” during the forum on the EXPO platform and other actions.

12. The new Committee on development of ethno-design and workmanship (Kapiza Mukhsmetkali) is recently created, moreover, new program of branding together with PF “KazBrands” and also preparation to ІІІ the Republican trade fair has started.

13. A lot of work on information and image maintenance of activity of IO “Expo&Women” was carried out: website is actively functioning, brochures were developed and published.

14. IО «Expo&Women» became an associated member of ULE “Association of ecological organizations of Kazakhstan”.

We have big plans for the next three years.

  • Carrying out ІІІ International women’s forum “Future energy: women, business and global economy”.
  • New initiative of holding the I forum of rural women and accession to the Associated Country Women of the World.
  • Expansion of partner communications in the sphere of development of scientific skills in children and advance of the Kazakhstan scientists on the international scientific venues with involvement of the international organizati
  • Introduction of a new intellectual component to carrying out  “Ball of Kazakh waltz”.
  • A new approaches to holding the Republican trade fair “Fair of the great steppe”
  • Start of the innovative project “Women Changing the World”.

And there is more to come! There are still some ideas, and we are sure: our creative team is capable to give a lot of innovative ideas which will be able to attract and unite many indifferent people around us!

Plans and tasks which we set for ourselves can be reached only with adherents and partners. Therefore, dear friends, if our ideas are interesting to you and you want to be in our team, we are ready to dialogue and cooperation!


Happy new year!

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