March 21 in the UN calendar – International Day of Forest Protection





For International Forest Day

UNDP projects in Kazakhstan focus on the conservation of forest ecosystems. The strategic long-term objectives on forests are outlined in the draft concept on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, developed with the support of UNDP projects in Kazakhstan. Below I bring some pilot projects in this direction.

In the Aral region, a forest nursery on an area of 3.0 hectares was created in Kyzylorda region with an output capacity of 300.0 thousand pieces of Saxaul seedlings and 20.0 thousand pieces of hardwood for phytomelation of the Drained Bottom of the Aral Sea and greening of settlements in the Aral district.

For the first time in Kazakhstan laboratory conditions of the Republican Forest Breeding Center the method of artificial cultivation of seedlings from seeds of turanga is tested in the amount of 500 pieces.

The Ile-Balkhash region has created a forest genetic reserve turanga sisolistic on an area of 5.8 hectares and has ensured the preservation of 1700 hectares of relict turang forests.

In two regions in Aralkum village (Kyzylorda region) and Bakbakti village (Almaty region) the methodology on mechanical and biological fixation of moving sands coming to rural houses was tested. Saxaul and other shrubs for the second year had high survival and according to this method it is possible to protect other rural settlements from falling asleep sands.

In the context of climate change, forests play a valuable role in climate management. At the global level, more and more attention is being paid to forests as greenhouse gas sinks and carbon accumulators. In this direction, this year, the first forest carbon project is launched with the financial support of the international company BITFURY. The project is aimed at inventory of unreported forests of East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions. Legalization of 109,000 hectares of forest will increase the volume of emission absorption, as well as take under sustainable management orphan forests.

Measures are being implemented to preserve and restore saxault, tugay and mountain forests by improving the base of forest nurseries: 2 sets of solar stations with a capacity of 2 kW have been installed, 2 tractors and a mobile residential car for nursery workers, drip irrigation equipment have been handed over, etc. The project has developed a Methodological Guide for monitoring forest fires based on DCS data. With this guidance, forest and PA employees will be able to remotely monitor forest fires. To improve the quality of monitoring and protection of the territory for 22 pilot environmental institutions, radios, quadracopters, etc., have been purchased. The assessment of the modern forest-pathological state of forests of 5 pilot forest conservation institutions of Almaty region was carried out and recommendations on integrated forest protection measures and prevention were made to preserve their sustainability. In order to monitor the state of forest plantations in forest protection institutions of East Kazakhstan region, the Altai branch of KazNII Forestry has been handed over innovative devices for diagnostics of the internal state of trees (resistrograph and lintab), which will allow to detect stem rot at fir plantations in a timely manner and to determine the quality of wood.

Author; Talgat Kerteshov

The material is published with the author ‘s permission

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