Love for the country begins from love to Earth

On October 29, 2017 in Aktau there was a remarkable event which, according to the head of branch IO “Expo&Women” in the Mangystausky region Nasipkul Seydaliyeva, has developed into very big family business, and she is deeply convinced that ” Love for the country, for the Fatherland begins with love to Earth”.

This action was prepared beforehand: it has begun with acquaintance to the director of the Mangyshlak experimental botanical garden Akzhunis Imanbayeva, they have agreed about acquisition of saplings, appointed date of landing, have carried out big advertizing work for citizens. And here is a result: 60 trees were planted in the Akbota park. Huge work in it was carried out by the executive director of branch Gulnara Zhunusova.

Not only members of “Expo&Women” team, but also citizens have participated in this action, and the message was: “Plant a family tree!”. Therefore many have come with their children, and children – they won’t forget this family business and will begin now to urge to care all planted tree. And adults have set them a good example of love to the home ground.

Despite Sunday, the action hasn’t remained without attention of mass-media, we will see the report on this event on Kazakhstan-Aktau TV channel soon and we will read in newspapers.

It should be mentioned that the acting akim of Aktau city  Akkulov Nurlybay has also has taken part in the stock “Plant a Tree”.

On behalf of head office of International organization “Expo&Women” we express gratitude and appreciation for a remarkable action to all team of Mangystau branch .

Saltanat Rakhimbekova: “It is great that Expo&Women Aktau organizes participation of citizens in gardening of the city and takes the reliable supporters and partners!”

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