Liudmila Franck: the grant of Coca-Cola belestery helped with expansion of a poultry farm

Frank Lyudmila is the head of IP Frank from the Akmola region, Akkolsky district

lives the village of Naumovka (with / з the Grain-grower).

Lyudmila Petrovna was an ordinary self-employed hostess – now became the businessman. Did favorite thing – cultivation of poultry, it is clean for family – to have constantly own organic food. In 2018

the rural akimat of the village of Naumovka of Akkolsky district suggested it to participate in the competition “Coca-Cola Belester _”. Helped to collect the necessary documents and it is correct to make the business plan. Decided to participate though did not trust on success. And today – Liudmila Franck – the winner of a republican competition, the owner of a grant in a size of 4 thousand US dollars and the successful individual entrepreneur. On the won money got an incubator on 500 eggs, and before she had a small incubator on 100 eggs.

Franck Liudmila know many now – in the village, in the area, in the area. About it published article “From Self-employed — in Businessmen” in the Akmolinskaya Pravda newspaper of April 9, 2019.

From June 8 to June 12 the current year Liudmila as a part of the Kazakhstan delegation will participate in events of the Beijing EXPO-2019 exhibition. We express confidence that this award for Liudmila Franck will become motivation for further growth in business.

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From self-employed — in businessmen

Good start
“I love spring, I look forward to it. Please not only the future fertile days, but also close efforts on cultivation of poultry. Already planned the first laying of goose eggs in an incubator. At someone hobby to sew or knit, and I very much like poultry farming. Began to be engaged in it more than ten years ago, practically since left work and completely gave itself to a household”, – Liudmila Franck, the fifty-year-old female resident of the village of Naumovka tells that in Akkolsky district. The current season can quite become rotary in its destiny: it begins it in new quality, already as the individual entrepreneur. In adoption of the cardinal decision to leave ranks of the independently employed people, the predominating role was played by the victory in a draw of grants on the Coca-Cola Belester _ project which offered for Liudmila Franck new prospects for development of own business.

If in warm season even many villagers can find time that at least for several days to escape in a holiday from a routine of household chores, then Liudmila Franck has no such potential – since the end of March practically until the end of December at it an intense operating schedule. The bird’s herd which is grown up on an open space approximately in one thousand heads – geese, ducks, turkey-cocks, broilers becomes a result of sleepless nights and uneasy days, even to guinea fowls the place was on a rural farmstead.

Among this noisy variety geese at Liudmila Petrovna deservedly go in favourites, however, admiration of the hostess is divided by all who happened to see how in the summer evening from the next reservoir, apparently, a never-ending stream home the bird whose number reaches 500 individuals proudly strides. Attracts special interest of the audience as the German shepherd Dartveyder rollicking keeps order in noisy herd.

Liudmila Franck tells that the four-footed assistant with her already for eight years, itself grew up it, trained in all knowledge.

“Also I do not know what without it would do. Try, cope with such crowd. Geese where it is not necessary will sometimes come, you drive-drive them and all for nothing – will not move a little. But when Dartveyder gets down to business, at once as silk become”, – our heroine laughs.

On our question, really the guard was never convicted of temptation to try “a sweet goose pad”, Lyudmila Petrovna answers that, perhaps, at the beginning of training and there were one-two victims, behind prescription of years she also does not remember. But since then the clever dog bearing a name of the severe hero of the popular film epic “Star Wars” adequately bears the service and never swore at one another.

– Of course, it is troublesome to look after a bird. At the beginning, yet will not grow up, neither in the afternoon, nor night there is no rest. But such cares are pleasant to me, for the villager care of living creatures has to be a usual thing therefore subsidiary farm not to hold a sin. What then to live with? The cape the husband too with small was begun, at first, that the family to provide, not to run in shop behind each need. And now ready sale in Astana was found, it our house as now speak, only give environmentally friendly products. Therefore the grant in four thousand dollars what I was lucky to win as it is impossible was arrived in time. Frankly speaking, I not really that believed in the good luck, thanks to girls from rural akimat, helped to process all necessary documents and the business plan it is correct to make. I protected it already, in Astana, and next day participated in a big forum of female businesswomen. It is possible to tell that at us in the village I was so lucky the first therefore now I say to all that were not afraid, were more active, tried, participated in programs. Without financial support own business is rather heavy to adjust, and it is good chance, – Lyudmila Petrovna shares.

Her spouse completely supports initiatives of the soulmate, in their family always consent and a harmony. In a summer harvest season Alexander works on agricultural enterprise, but in the period of a mass face of a bird its help is invaluable when in day two of them process up to 25 carcasses of geese.

Now the family Frank plans to increase volumes of cultivation of broilers: to arrange year-round delivery of meat, will build the heated hen house with application of modern practices to a farmstead. Besides, Lyudmila Petrovna shared plans to pass completely to an incubation of eggs of geese and broilers to achieve own healthy and highly productive young growth. “Thanks for support of rural women. At me so directly a hundred times forces increased, I am ready in a fighting way. Now it is more responsibility, we will work for result”, – the beginning businessman from the village of Naumovka does not hide enthusiasm.


Akkolsky district.

PS: We thank the journalist Svetlana Zinchenko for article about our heroine.






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