Leader of SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-Being” Amir Quat: “Molecule of the People”

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During the quarantine, Amir Quat offered his vehicle disinfection services based on innovative, but easy to access, technologies – this is the use of ozone. He justified all this with her scientific research. Unfortunately, he was not heard by the authorities. And then, at his own risk and fear, based on his active life position and the fact that his calling is to save people, he decided to contribute to the fight against coronavirus! He did all this from his own means, without setting himself the goal of making money on it. Sometimes, in gratitude, car drivers paid him a purely symbolic price. Personally, I want to express my gratitude to our Leader, SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being, Amir Kuat, for his active leadership position. His activities show how the UN Global Goals can be made their own!

I hope that this publication will attract the attention of those who should pay attention to this! I wholeheartedly support the endeavors of our Leader!

He himself decided to make a small video from this by his available means, in which he called himself a molecule of the people! During the course of the video, he expresses his professional opinion about the pandemic, which we urge you to listen to.

We bring it to your attention.

According to him, during the emergency more than 16.5 thousand vehicles, more than 5 thousand square meters of food stores and vegetable shops and all this by two people, me and my faithful assistant, were uninfected.

Disinfection for transport was carried out every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on an open area, in any weather, in the cold, rain, heat, dust, wind. Although there were no conditions. There was no access to the 220 V outlet (too far) we used an inverter and a car to get 220 V. We had to adapt along the way. We burned under the sun, breezed, wet up to the underwear, as a result of which we forgave, but still went out and did our job.

Moreover, it was necessary to carry out educational and explanatory work with the population about why coronavirus is dangerous and to convince those who did not believe in it and considered it a worldwide conspiracy. However, this is the work of the SCP on the PCB “National Center of Expertise,” which, in my opinion, they could not cope with. The population has never heard them, I can say this from the words of taxi drivers and passengers with whom they are in contact.

AMIR KUAT – CEO of LLC “BIOW” Nur-Sultan

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