Leader of SDG 16 Aliya Absemetova: Agroturism in Zhetysu or what is tempting village for citizens

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With the work of the ЦУР-2030 Leaders among rural women.

Aliya Absemetova is a journalist, founder and editor-in-chief of the news portal UZUN.KZ, member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan. Plus, she ‘s a media volunteer, a public figure (helping raise funds for children with cancer and cerebral palsy). Delegate to the XXVII session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Caribayev family – winner of the contest “Mereylykas” of Almaty region in 2018

Married, mother of 9 children, of which 7 are adoptive. Children of 6 nationalities are brought up in the family

It is not for nothing that she became the first and so far the only woman in Kazakhstan – the owner of the Order of the Turkic World “Mehriban ana” This public award is given to outstanding women of the world

This is the remarkable woman in our team nominated for the status of Leader of SDG 17 “Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions “Through her activities she shows an example of a sustainable institution in the family as a journalist she seeks to strengthen the media as a sustainable institution

And today we want to present its author ‘s project “Agrotourism.” So far these are the results of last year, but very interesting! It is at this time that she is completing this year ‘s agroturism project and we are waiting for news from her


Almaty region has the richest natural resources, cultural and historical attractions, traditions, as well as gastronomic and tourist brands, which allows to fully develop rural tourism. This opinion was reached by the editor-in-chief of UZYN.KZ, who personally went to Agrotur in the region.

© uzyn.kz/Aliya Absemetova

From October 12 to October 13, the Department of Tourism of Almaty region organized a press tour on agro-tourist objects, among representatives of regional and republican mass media and tourist operators.

Within two days the group assessed the prospects of the sites, tasted the products and on the spot evaluated the tourist product Zhetysu.


During the first day ‘s tour, the participants visited the home paseque of the “100% black honey” family of Konovalov in the Karasay district. The welcoming owners conducted a bee tour, during which the guests had the opportunity to look inside the hive, taste honey and mother milk, learn about apitherapy, which allows to improve health with the help of bees, drink tea with honey from wood samovar and taste lunch.

© uzyn.kz/Aliya Absemetova
Agricultural tour in Almaty region. Visiting the “100% honey,” bee pasets of the family Konovalov, Karasai district.

In addition, we were told that wishing tourists can walk along the planned routes, and if at this time you arrived with children, a special program has been created for them. There is an opportunity to buy honey, propolis, mother milk, souvenirs and much more on the spot.
To date, more than 1000 hives are on the bee farm and 20-30 thousand tons of honey are produced per year.

At the camel farm Daulet-Beket, located in the village of Akshi, Ili district, guests were given a tour of the farm, where they learned about the peculiarities of the life and behavior of camels, had the opportunity to feed them from their hands, fit and ride.

Almaty region agrotour. On a visit at Daulet-Beckett LLP, camel economy 5000 camel, Iliysky district.

We were met with treats: freshly prepared shubat and hot barsaks. Later after a rich excursion we were fed a rich dinner from Kazakh national dishes, where everything from several types of kurt to plow was on the table. It is a pity that our group arrived late and we did not have time to visit the camel milk processing plant and Akbota kindergarten opened by the management of this company.

Interesting fact: the owner of “Daulet-Beket” LLP Sydyk Dauletov started his activity with one camel of dromedar breed and hard work in 20 years together with his family achieved such high results. Today the company has its own farm, which contains 5,000 heads of camels, mini factory and 7 trading branches in Kazakhstan, the total volume of pastures is 28,800 hectares of land.

The first day was completed, and the group stopped at a recreation base located in the Aksay gorge near the western outskirts of Almaty, in one of the most picturesque corners of Zaili Alatau.


Having gained strength, the group and I went to the Enbekshikazakhsky district, to visit wine production complexes and a plant for the production of apple juice. After seeing the bee paseque and camel farm, I thought I couldn ‘t surprise us anymore, but apparently I rushed to conclusions.

The wine production complex of JSC “Gold Product” in the village of Turgen showed the full cycle of manufacture and told about the peculiarities and advantages of the produced product. At the end there was a tasting where everyone present could appreciate the quality of the drink.

Gold Product Company has been operating on the Kazakh market since 1998 and has more than 100 items of wine. The main direction of the company is winemaking, which is about 70% of the structure.

Then we visited the production base of the juice of “Apple world” LLP, entering which we felt the persistent and fabulous flavors of apples. We were shown the land on which apples grow, what precautions are used to maximize the harvest of quality fruits and under what conditions they are stored.

Agricultural tour in Almaty region. Visiting the Apple world LLP, production complex for juice production, cultivation, and apple storage, Enbekshikazah district.

On this day I was most impressed by the grape field of the wine company “Arba Wine,” which in the area of Karakemer grows about 200 hectares of vineyards of different varieties. While there I felt like a vineyard owner in a village somewhere in southern France. Very pleased that such a wonderful place is also in Kazakhtan. While everyone listened to the historical certificate and technologist I enjoyed well-maintained vineyards and views of the area.

After a half-hour walk in the open air, we were taken to a factory that impressed no less. Technologists told how the full cycle of production takes place, there was tasting of different varieties of wines including young ones from tanks.

Arba Wine Company was established twelve years ago. Now the area occupied for vineyards is more than 200 hectares.

So, in two days I visited 5 largest production companies not only Almaty region, but also all Kazakhstan.

For myself I realized that it is not necessary to have a large production to be in the program of agro-tour, because in Almaty region there are a lot of dacniks and in this way the internal demand can be higher than the external one.

Imagine if every third person goes to look for knowledge from experienced beekeepers, camels, gardeners or simply decides not to dig on beds to look at rural life with one eye, then the potential of agro-tourism in our region is enormous, but provided that the route is properly formed and there are enough open invitations. After all, even elementary harvest for urban residents can become a holiday






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