Leader of SDG 15 “Conservation of terrestrial ecosystems” Galina Brauer – speech at the forum of rural women

Within the framework of the Second Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, a presentation of the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders among Rural Women of Kazakhstan” was held.

Performances of several Leaders were included in the Program – we offer to get acquainted with Galina Brauer s performance

Hello, I ‘m called Galina Brauer.

I am an employee of the public foundation “Give the Earth Garden” and represent the ecological settlement of the ancestral estates “Tuan Zher – Native Earth” in Pavlodar region

What I do is consistent with SDG indicator 15.3 “Combat desertification by 2030 and strive to ensure that land conditions do not deteriorate worldwide.” The essence of our activity is that we, having come to an arid place, exposed to desertification, revive it, give it a flowering species and a stable-healthy state. This is achieved by planting a large number of trees and caring for them, the last thing in this process being care.

To this end, we are implementing the following projects:

1. Establishment of ancestral estates TUYAN ZHER-NATIVE EARTH. In this project, any family can take 1 hectare of land in the village and convert it into flowering gardens and groves.

Natural school “SCHASTYE”. In this project children learn love for Mother Earth, as well as all kinds of ways to restore it.
Love garden”. As part of this project, people who create or already have a family can plant trees in the name of Love, life and eternity of their families and especially children.
“Public nursery”. In this project, grown seedlings and trees are not sold, but donated for various environmental projects.
In summary, I will say: forest exploration is long-term projects. It takes 30 to 50 years to grow a normal significant, sustainable forest. Therefore, it is up to our children to assess the success of our activities. It is very desirable that they live in flowering gardens, not dehydrated deserts.

All performances on our requirements were very short, bright and emotional.

Galina Lviv ‘s performance was also accompanied by a video.

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