Leader of SDG 10 Irina Zaytseva: we can only achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together

Irina Zaytseva became the opening of the Forum of Rural

women of the East Kazakhstan region. The region nominated her to perform in the Parade “History of my success,” where her performance became one of the brightest. I think it ‘s the key to this – the favorite work and collective she talked to the soul about. Her words “I will not change to any city of the world” became her motto. She has a very difficult professional activity – to the private House of Mercy “Karlygash” bring single and elderly people with mental disorders (about which I learned only this time communicating at the forum). And everything that is done here for these people is very much in line with SDG 10 “Reducing Inequality.”

It should be said that Irina Vladimirovna was very responsible to our proposal to become the Leader of the SDG among rural women of Kazakhstan – read the UN Resolution, became an active participant of the training Mission 2030, which was conducted by trainers of the Institute of Economic Research in all cities of Kazakhstan.

Before her visit to the Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, she published on her account such words: “Food to the capital Nur Sultan for the forum of rural women of Kazakhstan. The bar is set very high, we have high hopes and great responsibility. Being the face of your country in the role of SDG Leader is an important and honorable mission. I ‘m very worried, but I ‘m determined! Dear SDG Leaders, we will support each other and give our Motherland a new source of strength for sustainable development! “.

As the head of this project, I was very pleased to read this. But Irina holds a whole lesson for her team on the topic of ЦУР-2030. And here ‘s her review of it

Today, November 15, 2019, a meeting dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan was held in the DM Karlygash. This is a completely new topic in which my employees have plunged. The review of sustainable development goals was a real discovery for them. We were surprised to find that the problems that people around the world care about us, too. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that we can only achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together. Then each of us answered the question “What can I do today to make achieving sustainable development goals closer?” Among the answers were such as taking care of your health, planting trees, not throwing garbage where you want, working in good faith. In order to solve emerging problems in the long term, we were responsible – to educate responsible citizens, to give children a good education, to pay taxes, to show an active civic position, to resist corruption. The meeting turned out to be interesting, and as a result we had a poster with our thoughts and desires. “

It remains to be added that we are proud of such a Leader of SDG 10 “Reducing Inequality”! We call on all to follow its conclusion – we can only achieve the Sustainable Development Goals together!

Material prepared by Lyazat Askarova






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