LEADER of SDG 1 among young people of Kazakhstan – Islam Sunqar

The idea of the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders in Kazakhstan” appeared only recently,

And its implementation is only gaining momentum! We plan to nominate a variety of categories for this status. You understand that this process is not easy. We will still develop new mechanisms and criteria for selection and nomination

But so far, at the first stage, we have decided to do so among the people known to us, who, through their activities and active civic position, prove their commitment to the ideas and values of our organizations, and in general, on the Global Agenda for the Transformation of the World!

Let me introduce you to the young man Islam Shnyar, who has assumed a certain courage and responsibility to meet our criteria and trust

Not for nothing did he express his motto as follows: If you are, be first!

I will allow myself to express confidence that this will be the case.

And so far at this stage he has expressed his attitude to his status exactly as reflected in the banner dedicated to him as the Leader of SDG 1 among young people!

I would also like to express my gratitude to him for accepting our initiative and being ready to be on our team.

Project Manager: Lyazat Askarova





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