Leader of SDG 1 among rural women of Kazakhstan Svetlana Mauteeva from West Kazakhstan region

So it turned out that the Public Institute “SDG-2030 Leaders among Rural Women” we presented in Uralsk! And it is here that this amazing woman lives and builds – Svetlana Burhanova Mauteeva, head of the peasant farm Nur and a very modest woman. She doesn ‘t want what ‘s called drinking herself. We ‘ll do it for her… So far… We hope that soon she will become the real Leader of SDG 1 “Poverty Eradication.” Why exactly is she and that Goal? Because it is a true reflection of this global goal at the local level. It revived absolutely disappeared village Kara kerym, having constructed on its place the whole complex economy in which there is a place to both livestock production and poultry farming, and dairy production, there is a mill for receiving pure flour, greenhouse facility and a kitchen garden, she plans to create a full cycle of receiving products, its processing and sales.

This year after the regional forum on August 7, 2019 we visited its farm and were convinced of its efficiency, how the whole process is established!

But such an economy always requires the working hands of those who are ready to work in this established production! In general, it is ready at present to accept up to 30 families, provide them with housing, work – and therefore a decent life! We appeal to those who want to work honestly and fully, stop complaining and looking for the causes of their poverty, and start living and working for the benefit of their family and at the same time in one of the most picturesque corners of our homeland – Burlin district of West Kazakhstan region! And so together we will solve in Kazakhstan the achievement of the very first global Goal of sustainable development! Let no one ever know the words “poverty” and “poverty”! Be with us!

It is only left to add that Svetlana Burhanova Mauteeva was a delegate to the First Forum of Rural Women of 2018 and was nominated from West Kazakhstan region for the project History of my success! And this year her success story will be included in the book 100 success stories of rural women of Kazakhstan.

Read her speech at the forum on November 9 here:

This year the Ural television removed a cycle of video records “My neighbours”! Here you can also watch this video.


Svetlana Burhanova! Today is dedicated to you! We are proud of you and that you are on our team!







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