Kulumkoz Smailova: every episode of the Rural Women ‘s Forum inspired, trained and “moved from place”

Dear friends! We share with pleasure

Withdrawal of the delegate and speaker of the Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan Smailova Kulumkoz from the delegation of North Kazakhstan region. I think you will be happy to read this very emotional and at the same time analytical review from the sites of this forum! After such reviews I want to do something more perfect and creative at the Third Forum, for which we have already started to prepare. Read and be with us!

A striking and significant event of my life was the participation of Rural Women in the Second Forum as Speaker at STRATEGIC SESSION 4. “ADDRESSING SOCIAL AND GENDER ISSUES IN RURAL AREAS AS A WAY TO DEVELOP HUMAN CAPITAL.” Session which moderated
Member of the National Commission on Women ‘s Affairs and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tursynbekova Saltanat Parkhatova, passed very informative, constructive, beautiful and in fact. The task of the participants of the session was set clearly: to define the range of problems and tasks related to the village, the work of rural akims, the budget of the fourth level, the social well-being of rural residents, to share successful experience of their solution, to make proposals and to generate new ideas for strengthening the village. I learned a lot of valuable and useful from the speeches about the results of sociological research, about the work of NGOs on the preservation of the Aral Sea. I was particularly inspired by the judgements about the role of women in the prosperity of Elena Ivanov Tarasenko ‘s country. In maternal – smart, kind and sincere about the most important, complex – about maintaining stability, well-being in the country.

In general, about the Forum:
First, the realization that this grandiose event is not a one-off image event, as I saw not little, surprised me pleasantly. I have made sure that this Forum is the culmination of a true civic movement of women involved in the transformation of their villages. And this movement has covered the whole country! It seemed that the living flows of the energy of creation from the regional forums connected in the city of Nur Sultan and there was synergy.
Secondly, for me as a social worker who seeks to design and conduct his events as transformative, this Forum gave the most valuable experience and bright impression of the most successful society in terms of social engineering. There was some kind of upgrade going on with me. Everything is thought out, meaningful, calculated to nuances. Each episode of the Forum, in my opinion, was designed and implemented as information-motivational: inspired, trained and “moved from place.”
Thirdly, so awe-enthusiastic attitude of the organizers of the Forum towards the participants, their unshakeable admiration for the achievements, victories of these modest women, recognition of the contribution to the prosperity of the village and the whole country became for me food for thought, a point of spiritual growth.

In the afternoon of November 8, I became a participant of the training Forum-Theatre as a technology for solving social and gender problems in rural areas.

Within the framework of the Forum of Rural Women I was lucky to get acquainted with the unique phenomenon as the Forum-Theatre of Lyubchanskaya Tatiana Vitalevna, the head of the Forum-Theatre from Karaganda presented her version of enlightenment and humanization of our society. I will tell you honestly, it is not a theater at all, in which there is a ready-made script of the drama, a vision of the director, but only a passive viewer and your fate to see, to leave your emotions and experiences in itself and only in the internal dialogue with itself to find answers to the most pressing questions.
In the introductory lecture Tatiana Vitalevna, having posed the most global philosophical questions, convinced me that we are dealing with a smart man who understands all the catastrophic moral devaluation of our society, the outline of modern man.
And her choice to create a Forum Theatre as a tool to build zero tolerance in society for the most negative manifestations of human nature is the choice of a pro-active person who knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. She ‘s just like me building a society of merciful, benevolent and happy people. “Utopia!’ ‘-you will tell? And there were many like us at the Rural Women ‘s Forum. And their affairs really make the world a better place. Believe! It so.
The Forum Theatre is played not by professional artists, but by teenagers, young men and girls, who, apparently trying to solve their personal problems and problems, did not come up with anything better than to help others, the language of the theatre making the world more sensitive, kind and tolerant. The plot of the performance to pain is realistic, on my memory for the first time changed by the efforts of the viewer.



The audience speculated, offered, and then played their version of events, from which heroes became a little kinder and happier. The performance changed in front of his eyes, giving hope for the best. Not just, not even very difficult, I ‘ll tell you. Sometimes there seems to have been a dead end… Tears in your eyes cleared your soul… And so many times in these two hours. There was no longer the strength to endure heartache. This is the purpose of the Forum Theatre. Cleansing, catharsis, and understanding that there is always a choice, in every minute of life – to humiliate the weak, to blame for everything others, to sow misfortune or to understand, to show tolerance, to respect the opinion of the other, to love and care for loved ones… Thank you very much to the organizers of the Forum, especially Lyazat Kazitayevna Askarova, for new ideas and new opportunities.

Author: Smailova Kulumkoz Kairbayeva, Chairman of the Council of Mothers of the APK of North Kazakhstan region

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