Irina Zaytseva – Leader of SDG 10 “Reducing Inequality.” Address to Kazakhstan citizens

Article 1 of the Constitution states that… ” The supreme values of… “the state…” Are man, his life, rights and freedoms. “

In the face of the Act, we are all equal, endowed with rights and duties, freedoms and responsibilities. But not everyone can fully realize their rights and opportunities for various reasons, be they immature or physical ailments, age characteristics, social disadvantage or political instability.

One of the most vulnerable categories of citizens is the elderly. They turn to us in a difficult life situation. Most often older people need communication and participation, because the worst thing that can happen to a person is loneliness! There are people who, with retirement, lose their relationship with the world around them, close up, and even loving relatives cannot overcome this wall. And a year later, they learn to communicate, and they have fears and strong experiences of their own worthlessness. They stop watching themselves, and taking care of themselves. It ‘s the kind of older people who become our customers.

The establishment House of Mercy “Karlygash” is located in East Kazakhstan region of Altai district. We have been working since 1999, this year we have an anniversary – 20 years. The mercy house is designed for 65 people, and we accept not only the elderly and the elderly, but also people with disabilities in pre-retirement age. The House of Mercy is non-profit and exists at the expense of guest contributions, and the amount of contributions does not always cover real expenses But the value of our work is not in profit, our primary task is to provide the needy with a roof over their heads, food and care We have a homely and cozy atmosphere, it may seem to someone that it is too simple, but that is what has a positive effect Since 2018, we have begun to practice temporary residence and thus enabled families not to be separated While an elderly person is staying with us his children, grandchildren or spouses can solve the problems they have, and then resume the care of a native person.

We try to socialize older people and diversify their circle of communication, not only through various cultural events, but also by organizing life so that they communicate more often Besides, our guests have free access to the village and visit not only shops, but also rural meetings, reports Akimov of all levels, holidays The most joyful event for our wards – Elections, after all our pensioners the most active part of the electorate

Not so much needs a person: a clean and warm house, hot food and the luxury of human communication. It is encouraging to see thawing hearts once again start to love and forgive grievances, how relationships with children and grandchildren are established, how romantic relationships are born Our grandparents blossom, come to life, and their lives are filled with meaning and its active phase is extended

We have mostly women working When I started working in the House of Mercy “Karlygash” the collective consisted of 12 people, in 10 years it increased to 28. The vast majority of sisters of mercy had education no more than grade 10 Ov. in my deep conviction, it is possible to take away from a person everything but formed This is the idea I inspired my female employees And as a result, during these years 4 people received secondary special education, three upgraded their qualifications, five – took courses and received Certificates of younger nurses, and one – learned in social work Ca. And this year three prepare to enter the call J. And let not all of them stay to work in our house, I am heated by the idea that the chance to rise to a new level has been used

In the House of Mercy, we learn from each other to be patient and grateful, decent and responsible, to learn respect and understanding.

My work taught me not to condemn people for their way of life or decisions made, but to understand them; Not to show futile pity, but to perform concrete acts and provide real assistance; Not to walk with a stretched hand in the hope of charity, but to create a source of income.


At all this I looked through the lens of SDGs and realized – how much I can tell about overcoming inequality in the social sphere, that I have in my hands tools that I can share, and they will work

Today the world is rapidly developing, and older people are on the margins of life, this is a real social problem I want to address you today, dear delegates, dear women, do not stay away let us turn the problem into a task and solve it together After all, old age is the natural stage of human life that we can make happy It would seem that day-stay centers have been established on a state basis, and that we can ? First, to create small non-profit centers for temporary stay of elderly lud Second, mobile volunteer mutual assistance groups, which may include people of different increases Article. And also, educational platforms on training methods and techniques of communication with elderly people.


All this will help to solve the task, and it will be fine if our youth takes part in it After all, the continuity of generations is an important component of the spiritual development of society

The inequality between us is not a gap, it can be overcome – only extend your hands and from a pure heart, sincerely help the person to rise and stand next to you. Together we are stronger!






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