Irina Zaytseva: I will not exchange the native Solovyevka for one city of the world …

With such ardent appeal in which it is obvious

the boundless love to the village is felt, the delegate from the Region of East Kazakhstan region Altai acted, the manager of Non-profit institution “The house of mercy Karlygash sat down Solovyovo ZAYTSEVA Irina Vladimirovna.

Here is the story by Irina Vladimirovna.

In the regional center of area the medical and rehabilitation center for physically disabled people and people of old age is created. A lot of things become for their adaptation in local community, promoting thereby inequality reduction.

People of old and senile age and also the physically disabled people who reached a retirement age live in the private House of mercy Karlygash located in the village of Solovyovo. All of them different and on the social status and for health reasons. We have both ordinary milkmaids and the former chiefs of large departments, and general workers, and teachers, and doctors – but they are united by a life situation in which they appeared.

In fact, they, at all the dissimilarity, identical: lonely, painful, inclined to a depression. What is done by us? We accept one and all to the house, our principle – we help those who need our help. The homeless receive a roof over the head, lonely – new big family, and all of them – hope for the best – good, qualitative life. Elderly people do not live in our house the days, and lead full-fledged interesting life. And the equal living conditions created by us which are not depending on the size of pension or the social status help elderly people to feel care of themselves and most to show care of others.

Our life already constant fight for the place in the sun, and we fight, but not with others, and for others and for other people. Our grandmothers and grandfathers, as we call the lodgers, deserved quiet and measured life. We provide such life to them.

“Leave us efforts about life and take care of the own life, the favourite hobby, the health, the private life, find new friends, be happy as far as it is possible, and we will be happy near you” – so we speak with our old men and old women.

Here life in the rural house of mercy is so built – simply and simply, but in a rural way it is sincere.

Since 2014 development of subsidiary farm of the House of mercy rose by a new step. We began to breed pigs, brought their quantity to 20 pieces, including a sow. The livestock of KRS was increased from 3rd to 13 heads. In plans increase in a livestock of a bird. Thanks to akimat we received Altai for rent of 3 hectares the earth for conducting truck farming, and the akim of the Solovyyovsky district allocated us about 15 hectares of a haymaking.

For service of a farmstead we invited family with 3 children to work and provided them housing and work. We created three more workplaces in the village that now is very important. It was noted by the Diploma from Nur Otan party in 2018 for the “Development of Subsidiary Farm for Employment of Vulnerable Segments of the Population” project.

We determine success of our work not by profit level, but social effect. Today DM Karlygash one of the institutions which are most demanded for employment. We regularly pay the salary, we provide workers with a social package and we try to make their life stabler.

In 11 years of work the number of inhabited places in establishment increased from 55 to 65, and jobs from 18 to 28.

PS. Do not leave indifferent the finishing words of the performance at the Forum: We were brought up in traditions of diligence, dedication and love to the edge. All life of our family is devoted to the village. And we raise the children in the spirit of deep patriotism and respect for the roots, we impart to them aspiration to self-development and spirituality. We believe that not only soul of the people lives in the village, but also its future.
Such here she is an ordinary rural woman from the East Kazakhstan region – Zaytseva Irina Vladimirovna.

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