IO Expo&Women became the member of the The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce

The international organization “Expo&Women” recently became member of the Silk Way International trade chamber. Below we place the confirming certificate. It became possible will the help of the activity of Committee on the international cooperation which is headed by Zamzagul Amanzhanova.

Now The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce – our partner in the organization of visiting EXPO-2019 by the first delegation which will attend events of Beijing EXPO-2019 this year in June.

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Below we place official information on this organization provided to us by its management.

The Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (the short name: Chamber of commerce; English name: Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce, SRCIC) was officially created in December, 2015. SRCIC is the first-ever International union of business associations of the countries of the Silk road. SRCIC has rich resources, broad international influence and public trust. The purposes of this public organization – peaceful cooperation, openness, inclusivity, mutual training and mutual benefit. It is the public platform of practical cooperation which works for world business for the purpose of joint discussion, sharing and creation of mutually beneficial relations and cooperation.

In order to provide the best services to participants, to effectively integrate the international resources and to promote trade and economic cooperation within realization of an initiative “One belt – one road”, the Chamber of Commerce together with participants creates the platform for cooperation which acts as the mechanism of the international interaction for business. The chamber of commerce integrates strengths of projects, capital investments, information, technologies, personnel and other resources of the participants. Besides, SRCIC creates platforms for creation of cooperation, including production cooperation, design and cultural. At the organization five committees are created: commerce, finance, culture, transport and power. The purpose of creation of data of committees is activization of investment and financial cooperation, support of the international development of the companies of member countries, construction and improvement of the international trade standards, an intensification of national and cultural exchanges. Annually SRCIC holds the International investment forum, the Summit and the Festival of art of the Silk Road.

To realize business cooperation and to reach long development, members of SRCIC created seven bodies: Electronic platform of the Silk Road, International fund of development of the Silk Road, Association of think-tanks of the Silk way, Expo park of the Silk Road, International friendly association of the museums of Silk Road, International center of trade in mass goods of the Silk Road and also International center of trade of art objects.

From the moment of creation of SRCIC, thanks to the international publicity and participation in the forums and other events organized by the international organizations, the Chamber of Commerce became widely known in the international society and gained strong support from International Business Association. Now participants of associations of more than 81 countries are members of SRCIC, the quantity will reach 150 that in general reach several million employees of the enterprises. Several projects SRCIC in the sphere of cross-border trade, transport and culture already began to be implemented. Within activity of Chamber of commerce representatives of Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Philippines proposed rather international interaction and communication. It means that the practical platform of cooperation of Chamber of commerce already becomes the organizer who can connect the different countries and promote economic and trade development for implementation of projects of an initiative “One belt – one road”. Having been highly appreciated by the international community, SRCIC not only promptly develops, but already has a broad international impact.

Purposes of Commerce Chamber: peace and cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual training, mutual benefit and joint prize.

Missions of Commerce Chamber:

  1. To promote trade and economic development of the region “One belt, one road”, cultural revival and complete development of the region, social and economic coordination between the countries of the region, stable development.
  2. To inherit and develop spirit of the Silk Road, to build the new platform of exchange and communication between the governments, international organizations, financial institutions, the enterprises and the trading companies.
  3. To eliminate barriers the interfering cross-border trade in a new world economic situation and cultural activity between the countries, to adhere to peaceful development, mutual benefit and the principle of a mutual prize, to promote improvement of regional economy of the Silk way and global market economy in general.
  4. Granting of information in spheres of trade, investments, finance and cultures by Chamber members and the relevant institutions.
  5. Establishment of the relations of cooperation between members of Chamber, governmental organizations of the Silk road, increasing culture of participants of Chamber, comprehensive stimulation of full cooperation and international exchanges.

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