Interview with Saltanat Temirkulovna Rakhimbekova on the results of 2019

Interview with Saltanat Rahimbekova, Chairman of the Board of the Coalition for Green Economy

And development of G-Global, member of the Council for Transition to Green Economy under the President of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Public Council of MEGPR of Kazakhstan.

– How successful was the past 2019 year for the Coalition?
The year passed for us very rich and fruitful, answering new challenges of time. For the seventh year the Coalition has surely held its brand of a public “gunner,” a guide and popularizer of “green” reforms, a provider of the Concept on the transition of Kazakhstan to a “green” economy. In 2019, we initiated new green competitions and projects for Kazakhstan – organized the republican contest Green Office and established the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that the Coalition as a whole is implementing about 20 long-term projects aimed at involving the general public in the implementation of measures for energy saving and energy efficiency, development and use of renewable energy sources, combating climate change, efficient use of water and other natural resources, reduction of harmful emissions and waste processing, development of organic agriculture, preservation of biodiversity, etc. There are visible results and breakthroughs!

– What are the results of the Coalition activity over the past year?
The main first achievement – we managed to create a movement of rural women of Kazakhstan for green economy and sustainable development, at a high level to hold forums of rural women in all 14 areas, to summarize their work at the Second Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan. Published a book 100 success stories of rural women of Kazakhstan. Organized Agrarian Union of Women of Kazakhstan.
We express our great gratitude to the partners of the project – the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy, G-Global International Secretariat, Coca-Cola International Foundation, EBRD, OSCE Program Office in Nur Sultan, Conrad Adenaera Foundation, ICA KZ LLP,
To the Corporate Foundation “Fattens of mena zhastard coldau bark.”
Special thanks are expressed to Maira Arapovna Aysina, Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan, as well as to all members of the Committee.

The second achievement – created the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan, held a republican contest for the best media materials on the coverage of initiatives for SDG-2030.
The aim of the project is to identify and support the dissemination of best practices and initiatives, individuals and legal entities that help the country to achieve 17 goals and their 230 SDG-2030 indicators, attract public attention to the best projects, sources of financing, investors and sponsors. We collect the best projects of civil society (NGOs, business, science, education, information projects and mass media) – both implemented, active, and valuable intellectual ideas of effective measures for the country as a whole, for industries and regions.
Within the framework of the project “Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan,” we have established two annual programs “SDG-2030 leaders among rural women” and “SDG-2030 leaders among young people.”
During 2019, we in each of the 14 regions of Kazakhstan identified worthy examples of SDG-2030 Leaders among rural women contributing to the fight against poverty, climate change, inequality, etc.
Within the framework of the Program Leaders of SDG-2030 among youth of Kazakhstan, we invited 17 young people known in the country for their projects, active civic position, winners of competitions, to become Leaders of SDG-2030 among youth of Kazakhstan.
“Young people contribute to increasing the resilience of their environment by offering innovative solutions by acting as catalysts of social progress. They represent the most valuable and essential resource worth investing in… “the preamble of the UN Youth 2030 Strategy states.
We express our great gratitude to our Leaders of SDG-2030 among rural women and Leaders of SDG-2030 among young people, who agreed to become the first Ambassadors of the Public Institute of SDG-2030 in Kazakhstan.

The third achievement – became the initiators of the republican contest “Green Office,” which identifies companies seeking to green the quality of their household arrangement and promote ecological lifestyle on the example of “green” offices. The coalition within the framework of the project concluded a Memorandum with a large international corporation Eurasian Group – ERG, which decided to support this project, already popular in a number of countries. The coalition also signed the Memorandum of cooperation with the group of companies, largest in the country, “a amor Management” which in all regions serve transport railway infrastructure of the country. At the same time, the group of companies announced a special program “AMIOR GREEN,” about the transition of its activities to the principles of environmentally responsible business conduct and development of advanced green technologies, including energy efficiency, resource saving, RE and compensation of its carbon footprint due to annual forest planting in small cities.
We express our great gratitude for the support of the project to the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, the Office of OSCE programs in Nur Sultan, the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan.

Fourth, within the framework of the Coca-Cola belesteri project, about 1,000 rural women were trained in the basics of rural business. 10 women winners of the republican contest “Coca-Cola belesteri” received 4,000 US dollars each for the start-up business in the countryside.
We express our great gratitude to the international foundation Coca-Cola and OF “Social Dynamics” for the partnership in the implementation of this social project, which has become a bright brand project of the country to support rural unemployed women.

Fifth, our seven demonstration and educational Centers of Green Technologies (CTS) in the regions – Akmola, Almaty, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Zhambyl, Kostanay and Turkistan regions – are increasingly expanding their activities.
For the Independence Day, the Ministry of MEGPR of Kazakhstan nominated us – me and Yuri Gasek, the head of the Center of Green Technologies of Pavlodar region for the award of the Order Kurmet.
We express our great gratitude to Minister Magzum Maratovich Mirzagaliyev for the high appreciation of our activities in “greening” the economy of the country.

– What are your plans for next year, for the future?
The coming 2020 will be one of the decisive years for the ecology of the country. A new Environmental Code, a national strategy on climate and low-carbon development and progress towards the goals and targets of the SDG-2030 are to be adopted. The Coalition in the coming year, with all its structures, plans to continue the implementation of its long-term green projects, as well as to initiate new ones:

1) organization in January of the start of the republican contest “Green Office” and the launch of the website of the contest;
2) organization in January of the republican competition among young people for the nomination of Ambassadors of TsUR- 2030;
3) organization in January of the start of the republican contest for the best media materials on
Highlighting initiatives for SDG-2030;
4) organization of the start of the republican contest GREEN AWARDS KAZAKHSTAN in January;
5) capacity building of the Public Institute of SDG -2030 in Kazakhstan;
6) carrying out in January ecouroks in schools of Kazakhstan, planting trees in cups;
7) Launch in January of the pilot project “One Village – One Product” in Karaganda region, within the framework of the implementation of the republican special project “Auyl-El besigi”;
8) organization in February of the contest among schoolchildren “Young Ambassador of SDG-2030”;
9) launching projects of regional Centers of green technologies;
10) organization of the republican conference “Coca-Cola belesteri – stages of growth” in March;
11) organizing training seminars for more than 1,000 rural women in three areas:
Akmola, Karaganda and Kostanay;
12) start of the republican contest of business ideas of rural women “Coca-Cola belesteri”;
13) launch of educational Online platform “Coca-Cola belesteri”;
14) organization and holding of forums of rural women in 14 regions of Kazakhstan;
15) organization of the III Forum of Rural Women of Kazakhstan in November in Nur Sultan;
16) preparation and publication of the second book “100 Success Stories of Rural Women”;
17) launch of the republican project Forests in the steppes of Kazakhstan in April;
18) organizing a national Green Economy and Sustainable Development Forum in June;
19) For the Environment Day issue of the book on DVD “Ecological leaders of Kazakhstan”;
20) publication of the book “Green Code of Sustainable Development.”

And of course, I express great gratitude to my team of the Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global for the opportunity to implement green projects together and make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of Kazakhstan.

Wrote down an interview
Meruert Abdaliyeva, journalist

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