Interview with Saltanat Rakhimbekova, Dr.Econ.Sci., head the Coalition for green economy and G-Global development and Chairman of presidium of IO “Expo&Women”

Saltanat Rakhimbekova, Dr.Econ.Sci., head the Coalition for green economy and G-Global development and Chairman of presidium of IO “Expo&Women”

Question: How has holding the EXPO-2017 exhibition affected work of the Coalition?

Public support of the EXPO-2017 exhibition was one of tasks of our Coalition for green economy and development of G-Global. Therefore we actively participated in preparation and holding the EXPO-2017 exhibition. Have held together with partners a number of forums and actions, including “Green Bridge” Partnership Program, events on development of innovations of Silk Way countries. Have organized a number of school, youth and women’s competitions in Future Energy, exhibitions of national crafts and other.

The coalition has prepared a number of projects on future energy and green economy within the approved “Plan of measures on realization and promotion of international G-Global project for 2015-2017”. In particular, a republican competition of green innovations “Online-EXPO-2017” in five nominations, a virtual exhibition and the Register of green technologies.

During 2015-2017 years we have developed network of the regional Centers of green technologies in the Akmola, Karaganda, Almaty, North Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Pavlodar and Kostanay regions. In fact we can consider them as demonstrational zones of green economy which was designated in the frame of Plan of measures on preparation and holding EXPO-2017 exhibition.

The Expo-2017 exhibition intensified scientific, technical and ecological cooperation of the SCO countries. The Department of cooperation in environmental protection has been opened in the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Coalition together with the International Secretariat “G-Global” participated in creation of the Pavilion of SCO on EXPO-2017, have organized first international forum of joint innovations of the Silk way countries at which it was offered to open the Center of innovations of SCO in the territory of the exhibition, to open venture fund SCO with participation of the Chinese science and technology parks, to develop Power Club of SCO, joint innovative projects of the Silk Way.

Have prepared the draft of the Manifesto of future energy as final document of Expo-2017 exhibition.

Question: How has Arnasay – the first green village of Kazakhstan”, located near Astana changed during 2017 “?

Our Arnasay village became one of the most visited villages of EXPO-2017. In Arnasay village on the central street 270 coniferous trees lane, the apple orchard from 70 saplings have been landed, the nursery on 100 saplings is created, in the territory of Vyacheslav high school the G-Global eco-park is created.

CGT “Arnasay” became the basic platform for creation of the International CGT about opening of whcih Head of state N.A. Nazarbayev spoke on closing ceremony of EXPO-2017 exhibition. The General Commissioner of the UN on Expo-2017 Jihan Sultanoglu who has visited CGT “Arnasay” in June, 2017 called our Center the demonstration platform of EXPO-2017.

In 2017 on the territory of CGT “Arnasay” the Coalition together with partners and with Fund of development of social projects “Samruk-Kazyna Trust” have created infrastructure for the annual ecological scout camp EXPO-Camp.

10 eco-guest houses equipped with green technologies were opened in Arnasay village.

The high school in the Arnasay village which has developed new model of school ecological education became the demonstration platform for distribution in the country through the system of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

Question: What projects have you prepared for 2018?

Next year Coalition will carry out 25 large projects on green economy, including holding the second Forum of leaders of green economy of Kazakhstan, the second competition “Green Press”, start of the program of revival of population of the Balkhash tiger with the assistance of the World Wildlife Fund.

At the initiative of Aliya Nursultanovna Nazarbaeva, who is supporting ecological movement in our country during many year, with active participation of the Coalition the new ecological institute of civil society for dialogue with the state and business — “Association of ecological organizations of Kazakhstan” which includes not only NGO, but also green companies was created. The board of trustees of Association was headed by the Nobel Prize laureate Rae Kwon Chung – one of world founders of green growth movement and green economy, the colleague of the former head of the UN Ban Ki Moon. Aygul Sagadibekovna Solovyova, the eminent of public figure, the deputy of Mazhilis of Parliament of RK of IV-V convocations became Chairman of the Board of this Association.

Question: How do you see future activity of International Center of green technologies on the basis of Expo-2017 infrastructure? What is the value of this Center?

We have developed our own Concept of activity and the status of the International Center of Green Technologies (ICGT) within the “Green Bridge” Partnership Program (PPGB) and Global power-ecological strategy (GEES) and have transferred her in ME RK.

This project can connect a number of initiatives of the Head of state, such as Program of partnership “Green Bridge”, GEES, transition to the 3 and 4 industrial revolution, creation of the international institute of new energy, the World power-ecological Bank of technologies, preparation of the agreement of the countries on RES, Presidential Club of absolute innovations, etc. ICGT can become a reference point of the Technological UN FCCC mechanism stated in 2010 on transfer of technologies, the global instrument of implementation of the Paris climate agreement.

Center can become the first realized project of the World Anti-crisis Plan in which the separate big section is devoted to green growth and energy efficiency.

Still no one of specialized EXPO exhibition in the history hasn’t left behind any steady project on scope of the exhibition in development of achievements of the held exhibition. Kazakhstan can make it for the first time.

Question: There are plans of participation at the subsequent Expo exhibitions?

It is possible to tell that preparation for the Expo-2017 exhibition has generated the movement of women for future energy– the International organization “Expo&Women” which will participate in all EXPO exhibitions. The coalition is an initiator of creation of this organization. On August 2-3, 2017 on the EXPO-2017 platform we with assistance of office of OSCE Programs in Astana, Libraries of the First President of Kazakhstan have organized the II International women’s forum “Future energy: women, business and global economy”. The ambassador of the UAE who has made a speech at a forum and the head of EXPO-2020 in Dubai have said that the government of UAE support the forum initiative of the organization of female pavilion of green innovations. It is expected that it will be the first female pavilion for the last century of the EXPO exhibitions.

Forum has accepted the Address in which, in particular, it was offered to create organizing committees for preparation of women’s actions on Dubai EXPO-2020, to involve in them goodwill ambassadors of UN, “green” celebrities and philanthropists.

We are also preparing for participation of Kazakhstan in the international specialized EXPO-2019 exhibition “Green life – better life” which will take place in Beijing and will be devoted to gardening and crop production.

We have revealed many domestic innovations in the sphere of ecological crop production, production of organic fertilizers, drop and needle irrigation, protection of plants, an organic hydroponics. The underground greenhouse with phyto-diode lighting, solar bio-vegetariy were successfully developed in CGT “Arnasay”.

Meruert Abdaliyeva,

press secretary Coalition, January 4, 2018


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