International experience “Expo&Women” in science for children and youth

The Committee for Science and Innovations of our organization carried out quite a large amount of work in 2017. At the end of the year, a new direction of our activity was launched: the support and development of the scientific potential of children and youth, including through participation in various international scientific platforms.

For the first time in the period from 17 to 22 December 2017 Kazakhstani schoolchildren and two educators took part in the international scientific training for children and youth organized by the CYSC (Scientific Center for Children and Young People), ECOSF (Scientific Foundation for Economic Cooperation), IAP (International Engineering Academy) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The host side was represented by the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Department of International Affairs of the Association of Science and Technology of China.

All the events were held at school No. 35 Beijing, the equipment of which complies with international standards of modern educational institutions. (Reviews of children who participated in the training will be posted on our website).

The purpose of this event was to develop scientific skills in children and the formation of knowledge in the field of scientific collaborations.

The purpose of this event was to develop the scientific skills of children and the formation of knowledge in the field of scientific collaborations.

The event was attended by 13-14 year old children from 16 countries: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

The scientific training consisted of two focus groups: for schoolchildren and teachers. For teachers, an interactive platform for sharing experiences, where they shared their best practices on the scientific approaches in education applied in their countries.

Our team consisted of students from schools in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent: Bodan Inzhu-Marzhan (economic lyceum of Astana), Toktarov Kazybek and Pak Sofya (NIS Astana), Maden Kuanysh (NIS Shymkent), Uteushev Daryn, Aimysheva Arna, Kulmakhanov Alibek, Saparli Altynay (RFMC of Almaty).

The guys worked in international groups of four people, all training was in English. The main content is aimed at creating a scientific project in the following areas: construction of bridges, air-modeling, robotics, microbiology, 3D-printing. It should be noted that the directions were not chosen by the participants, but were established by the organizers’ requirements, and their trainers were foreign scientists and teachers who have experience in these areas.

Within five days, the participants prepared scientific projects, which were presented to the jury. Project evaluation was carried out according to the following criteria: project

name, topic, description, scientific novelty, the possibility of its practical implementation and other information necessary for judges.

As a result, the teams were nominated in three categories, all our participants received the appropriate certificates and even medals. So, in the nomination “Best presentation” there were teams, which included Inzhu and Kazbek; in the nomination “The best performance of the model” – Sophia, “The best work in the team” – Kuanysh.

For participants a cultural program with a visit to the Museum of science and technology of China, Imperial Palace and ancient Chinese street of South luogu lane (South silk alley) was organized.

This is one of the results of the Committee on science and innovation, headed by Lazzat Abaevna Kusainova (Kussainova Lazzat), Dr. PhD, candidate of legal Sciences.

The development of scientific skills in children and promotion of the Kazakhstan scientists on international research sites with the assistance of international organizations will remain a priority for MO ‘Expo&Women’.

We hope that our information will be helpful for parents who in the future would like to develop research interests and skills in children through participation in these unique research projects.

In January 2018, the International organization of “Expo&Women” will be a competition for the selection of Kazakhstan to the nomination for participation in the following international scientific training in China, which will be held in August next year.

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Authors: Lyazzat Kusainova, Lasat Askarov

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