Integration of SDG-2030 in educational institutions of Astana



Did you wonder what the world would be like in 2030? You want to affect the status
our planet?

The world has a plan for 2030. These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In September 2015, at a meeting on sustainable development at the United Nations in New York, 193 UN member states, including Kazakhstan, officially adopted a new global sustainable development programme –
“Transformation of our world:
The Sustainable Development Agenda. ” It is a plan of a universal, comprehensive, transformative nature. It is designed to stimulate actions that will eradicate poverty and build a more sustainable world. SDGs are global but take into account country-specific characteristics.

SDGs are not legally binding. Success in their implementation depends on the leaders of States, local self-government, the business community, civil society and all stakeholders, and therefore on our actions with you.

Based on the fact that Kazakh society is not familiar with SDGs, within the framework of the current three-party memorandum between the public association ALEM GLOBAL, the International Organization Expo & Women and the educational center GLOBAL SAPA, we have started systematic work in partner schools in this direction.

The first seminar under the leadership of the board member of OO “ALEM GLOBAL” Ayman Mendybayev for teachers was held on October 31 at the capital school 10 and today – at the gymnasium school 67.

Our steps towards sustainable development in schools:

1. Raising awareness in the “golden triangle” Teacher – Parent – Student “(URU), their mobilization and, as a result, changes in daily practice (many Kazakhstanis still do not know about SDGs, here we can help them).

2. Integration of SDG topics into day-to-day work with schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

3. Identify SDG leaders among teachers, parents and school pupils, and prepare them to spread knowledge in their lives and surroundings.

4. Young Envoys Project SDG-2030 A competition among young people – 17 leaders of SDGs will be announced, who by their active position and activity confirm their commitment to the ideas and principles of SDGs.

Our work in these areas has actively started and found support in the person of directors of partnership schools. Our wish that as many people as possible join the SDG movement!

P. S.
School-gymnasium № 67 carries out its activities in linguistic direction. Currently, 2,371 students are enrolled in the gymnasium and 156 teachers are employed. Since 2011, English, German, Chinese, French languages have been studied in the gymnasium, and from this academic year began to study Polish.

Mission of the gymnasium: “School where happy children are formed, faith in every child.” For this purpose, projects for pupils, parents, teachers are successfully introduced here.

One of the successful projects is “Student Voice,” where the head systematically conducts an open dialogue with pupils to improve education, the pupils themselves actively implement their ideas in school. Another project is “Effective Tutor,” where students, through volunteer work, help peers in learning, creative work, and research activities.

The school has created all conditions for students to engage in creative and research activities, special attention is paid to environmental education and personal development. For example, students in the hydroponics office grow plants on a groundless basis, research in the field of environmentally friendly products and human health. In STEM lab, students deepen their knowledge in technical directions. For digitalization of educational process the Virtual Environment of Training project is implemented, the project “Happy family” where parents, children and teachers in common participate in various actions is implemented, keep joint research projects – “Tugan Zherge Tagzym”, “Fathers club”, “Readers clubs” and others.


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