Information and motivational training seminar for people with disabilities

On November 22, from 15:00-16:30, a seminar for people with disabilities was held in Almaty within the framework of the project “Information and Consulting Service for People with Disabilities in Kazakhstan.”

Organizers of UUL Alliance of Volunteers of Kazakhstan with the support of NAO Center for Support of Civic Initiatives and RSU Republican Library for Blind and Visually Impaired Citizens of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan.

The aim of the project is to provide awareness-raising, information support, help with the stressful situation, socialize, improve the quality of life, show the possibility of obtaining additional income with the help of new skills that allow to work remotely.

Participants the head of library Bayuzakov Askhat, the project manager Okapova Asyl and the vice-chairman welcomed Public association “Society of disabled people “Meyirimdi el” Kurmashev Nazir.

The training was conducted by the expert coordinator of the Almaty City Society of Disabled Persons, freelance adviser to the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan on inclusive education of persons with special educational needs Begaliyev Zahir Ongarbaevna.

The seminar-training was held on the theme “World of equal IT opportunities,” during which the participants got acquainted with how to solve social problems through new technologies. The participants also jointly considered issues about the possibilities of obtaining new specialties in the IT-sphere, which will allow people with disabilities to find employment, become financially independent, socialize and find their way in life.

The presentation was also made by Tolegen Zhanbota, the founder of the project, shared with her story how people with disabilities can find their way and called on everyone to implement their ideas and meet the dream.

Following the training, a question-and-answer platform was held, where participants offered their ideas and recommendations for further improvement of the project and resolution of questions.

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