In support of a special project “Village – cradle of the nation”

Zhumabekova Binazira is ceramist-sculptor, chief specialist and founder of school of ceramics. Since early childhood, helping her father to make and sell ceramic products, she got acquainted with handmade subtleties and feelings which gives such kind of art.


Binazira’s specialty is art and drawing teacher.

From 12 years she was attracted by creative occupations with a sculpture and ceramics. It adopted this tanet from her father Gaziz Zhumabekov, the professional sculptor who had business of selling own souvenir products. Binazira actively helped the father with business and production. Father taught his daughter to how to run business, maintenance of shop, and also distribution of ready products.

During her school years Benazira took part in art exhibitions, and nowadays she is already trainining children and adults.

Here is a small list of her achievements.

Her first exhibition was organized  in 1997 name of it is “BOBEK KORY”.

  • 2002 – the second exhibition devoted to celebration of Nauryz
  • 2004 Regional exhibition in Department of Culture in honer of Day of Laughing
  • 2004 Regional “Auyl Bereke-2004” exhibition
  • 2006 the Competition “Hand-made articles” in a zoo
  • 2006 “Balalar alemdy beineleidy (Kids depict the world)” in derection of UNESCO
  • 2007 Exhibition dedicated to the 75 anniversary of the Karaganda local history museum
  • 2008 First place in a competition of talented youth on the award “Daryn” on the “National Handyman” nomination, devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 2009 Regional exhibition of young artists
  • 2009 First place and obtaining diploma of the XXI international competition of creative youth “Shabyt”
  • 2010 Competition of talented youth
  • 2011 Owner of a grant of Fund of the First President, together with public fund “Luchik Nadezhdy (Hope Ray)” for development of art therapy for children with limited opportunities of health
  • 2013 Participation in the social project with the unemployed and disabled children in cooperation with “Sheber” association
  • 2015 Opening of the atelier studio “San Alemy”
  • 2016 Launching of a production chain in “AKA 159/5” institution, on production of souvenir products from ceramics.


Many times Benazira became the owner of prize-winning places and diplomas at various competitions and contests in ceramics.

Since her early childhood helping her father to make and sell ceramic products, she got acquainted with handmade art and feelings which gives such art. Interest in this type of craft does not leave her till this day. She thinks that she managed to find a field of activity which is ideal for her and she is ready to be devote all her entire life to business .

Having understood that the manual ceramic products are in demand in the market and that it is necessary to increase production capacity, in 2016 she opened IE on production of souvenir products “Zhumabekova B.G.”

She also participated in the project on training of convicts in production of a decorative tile from ceramic clay and plaster. According to her, they began to be engaged in this art form with big enthusiasm and interest .

From 2013 to 2015 Binazira was leading social project together with “Luchik sveta (Hope Ray) fund for development of art therapy  with special children. During maintaining the project, Binazira noticed that the ceramics and potterring skills are the best kind of art therapy for such children and can be recommended as a course of treatment.

In 2017 by the invitation to Astana EXPO-2017 she was selling souvenir products at an exhibition  and arranged production of souvenir products in Astana city. National souvenir products among which there are a national musical instrument, “Sazsyrnay”, moneyboxes of different types in the form of turtles, ceramic magnets, aromo-jugs, mascots and vases of different types were having special demand.

In 2018 Benazira decided to open school of ceramics and sculpture “Binazira Art Schooll”.


“At the moment, – Binazira Zhumabekova says, – my team is engaged in training in work with ceramics, a sculpture and technologies of processing of clay. Trainings are carried out as in group, and individual. Besides, our team is in the agreement with many training centers and funds of social support where we can regularly hold master classes. Master classes are also given by the invitation in shopping malls. We take part at various exhibitions within Republic of Kazakhstan, there are also awards of winners.

In the future I want to open the Kazakhstan’s first school on training in ceramic business directed to performing work therapy for sick people with disabilities. I could be convinced that after opening of school of ceramics where we trained disabled people and mentally sick people, after a while it was observed that they have significant changes. And I have a sincere desire to give to such people this chance. It will be performance of my social mission”.

Today she is expanding production, creating additional jobs. In team there are SMM managers, Internet marketing specialists, 2 master teachers and the administrator.

In 2018 Binazira Zhumabekova became the winner of the “Coca-Cola belestery” project and the owner of a monetary grant, having successfully defended the project “Production of souvenir products from ceramics. School of ceramics and potterry art”. This high award to her was presented at the First forum of rural women of Kazakhstan in Astana, whcih took place on November 8-9, 2018.

Binazira after having got acquainted with the Memorandum in support of a special project “Ayul – el besigy (Village – cradle of the nation)” completely agreed with its content and became one of signers.


Material was prepared by Gulyaim Zhakupova,

Translated by Assel Maussynbay

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