In India will be two large floating solar power plant

Two floating solar projects with a capacity of 10 MW each will appear in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. These power plants will be the largest in India.

The Andhra Pradesh project is expected to be commissioned in 2018. The project site in Kerala has not yet been chosen. Until now, the solar power plant of this type, the power of 100 kW was the largest.

The cost of each project will be about 700 million rupees and will be financed by the world Bank, and the implementation will be engaged either state authorities or Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd (SECI).

In the field of renewable energy, solar electricity is gaining momentum, but recently there are difficulties in obtaining adequate land for projects, so floating solar plants have become more interested.

SECI has previously stated that it plans to develop floating solar projects together with hybrid schemes of solar and wind power plants with a total capacity of 325 MW.


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