How to begin to grow up cucumbers an your own garden and to find buyers in Russia… Sholpanay Turdysheva’s experience from the Karaganda region…

Under such name there was on May 28, 2019 article in the KURSIV newspaper which author is the journalist Anjelica Volkovich.

We thank the journalist for such good stuff which heroine became Sholpana Turdysheva from page. Youth Osakarovsky district of the Karaganda region.

Sholpana – the winner of the social project “Coca-Cola belestery” of 2016, and for the last three years she became the real asterisk of our actions, the real leader among rural women not only the region, but also all Kazakhstan. This publication also demonstrates to it. Let’s dare it to publish on our website with reference to источник.

Sholpanay Turdysheva a few years ago became a businessman and now dreams to feed with the products if not the republic, then all Karaganda region.

In the past the teacher of Russian Sholpanay Turdysheva and her spouse Meyrash Esenbekov arrived to the village of Akbulak of the Karaganda region from Uzbekistan. They have four children and two receptions. For the salary of teachers it is difficult to support family, and Sholpanay decided to be engaged in agrarian business. In the yard of own house they with the spouse built big greenhouses where they began to grow up vegetables and greens for sale.

“The first time when we planted cucumbers and tomatoes, in the greenhouse we had an oven potbelly stove. Therefore the first cucumbers went already on April 15. Then cucumbers cost 600 tenges, ourselves ate them, distributed to all neighbors. I buckets gave cucumbers to them, they do not buy cucumbers from me at all, I so distribute to them. Then to us began with other streets to come to buy who tried our cucumbers, it was pleasant to all”, – Sholpanay tells.

Gradually the family of businessmen began to provide with the vegetables nearby settlements. Then they also decided to be engaged in greenhouse facility seriously. The local akimat of Sholpanay advised to take part in the state program, to go on training to the capital, to visit school of “green” technologies. There she learned how to apply drop irrigation and other technologies. And later the woman took part in the social project and, having written the application, could win a grant for the sum more than $4 thousand.

How everything began 

The local akimat allocated to Turdysheva’s family under business the earth in the settlement. On one hectare of the earth businessmen built some more greenhouses, set them with cucumbers and tomatoes, and process went. Vegetables from the village of Akbulak began to be in demand. All family and even children was connected to work in greenhouses. Now from one bush of Sholpanay can collect up to 8 kg of cucumbers. This year spouses decided to grow up in the greenhouses tomatoes a bit earlier. Planted 1.5 thousand bushes.

Early ripening variety, also thought already very soon to receive a good harvest, but burst a frost, and as in greenhouses there is no heating, seedling was gone.

“It was madly a pity, tomatoes were already tied, a grade elite, Dutch. It is so much work, at night also covered, both fires burned down, and fumigated with smoke greenhouses, but everything is vain. I already fight so many years and I ask to allocate me a grant to establish heating in greenhouses, and so far nothing is impossible”, – says Sholpanay.

Whether it is easy to receive a grant?

The regional commission on consideration of grants in support of businessmen considered its project uninteresting, said that in its request there is no novelty.

“I in akimat regional such project provided good, at me both drop irrigation, and solar batteries there. I so told them: you will not give, I will be under construction all the same. When I handed over documents, I was told that I do not have certificate though in chamber of businessmen explained to me that I am engaged in business eight years and me the certificate is not necessary. Three years in a row I submitted applications, and results any. Here so our officials are interested in agrarian business and in general development of business in the village”, – Sholpanay Turdysheva says.

In eight years she received a set of certificates and is sure that she proved everything to all for a long time. However cannot achieve state support.

“I said: help us with a grant, I need money for heating, and if you help me with heating, I will build greenhouses and I will create 20 jobs. Climate here severe, risks big, sometimes you work for nothing, it very much upsets. If I in four greenhouses would have a heating, naturally, I at the beginning of April of the beginning to sell cucumbers and tomatoes”, – explains to Sholpanay.

Now businessmen from Akbulak signed the contract with the Russian company, plan to deliver vegetables there. Involved some more rural women who began to build greenhouses in Akbulaka too in the business. Sholapay created the agricultural cooperative in which 20 villagers consist now.

“I kept thinking: how will I train someone in the business? It I to myself will create the competition. And then understood: if I help about greenhouse facility to others, then together we will be able to provide large parties, we will arrange deliveries to different regions of the country. Cucumbers and tomatoes leave in flight, it is favorable. It will already be possible to send vegetables by trucks to the same Russia, without speaking already about our region”, – Mrs. Turdysheva explains.

Public organizations also help

Sholpanay teaches agrarian business not only fellows villager, but also women from other regions, she is invited to trainings and ask to tell about how it is correct to grow up vegetable products. Today the woman gives master classes, and with advance by means of innovative technologies she is helped by Chamber of businessmen of Karaganda.

As Sholpanay Turdysheva tells, thanks to its master classes and projects of support of business among women hothouse business began to develop in Botakare, Karkaralinsk and Zhanaarke.

By the way, as the executive director of MO Expo&Women Ляззат Askarova tells, the project is focused on rural self-employed and jobless women.

“The program purpose – to involve in business worldwide 5 million women, to train them in business that they were independent, became independent and financially steady. The coalition for “green” economy and the Almaty Fund of social dynamics implement this project in Kazakhstan since 2012″, – Lyazzat Askarova says.

And Sholpanay Turdysheva dreams to build winter greenhouses which will be able to provide Kazakhstan with vegetable products all the year round in the territory of the settlement. The woman promises that it will be not cheap nitrate vegetables from China, and useful, environmentally friendly products.

“Our vegetables are grown up without nitrates and any chemicals. They are eaten by our children, we send them to kindergartens. It seems to me that we have even no moral right something there to add for the good growth of vegetables. I just want that the Ministry of Agriculture paid attention to problems of agrarian business. Earlier businessmen who are engaged in greenhouse facility were granted subsidies, and we never received these subsidies. Would help slightly those who really want to work. I want to be engaged in greenhouse facility, I burn with it, I share experience with others. But on sheer enthusiasm far you will not leave. There is a wish to address the Minister of Agriculture: help me, so many programs develop, I will sob out everything to kopek”, – Sholpanay Turdysheva says.
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