How the tragedy in Taraz is related to the rights of the child to sanitation (SDG 6) in the Big Week Program.

We ‘ve been learning more lately negative news related to our children. We look for the reasons, nakashchyvay guilty most of which often are teachers: teachers of schools, directors, etc. Today, November 25, 2019 at night the program “Big Week” was published, where journalists Erlan Igisinov and Aigul Adilov raised a serious and frank conversation on the topic of the terrible crime in the school yard of the Taraz school.

Why did we decide to publish this news on our website?

Knowledge of SDGs, dear friends, is knowledge of their rights. In this case, this is related to the right of the child and everyone to sanitation – SDG 6.2 “Ensure universal and equitable access to adequate sanitation.”

Did you know that? For certain, no.

Nevertheless, the UN is very concerned about the fact that more than 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to basic toilets and toilets. But also in Kazakhstan we probably still would not pay attention to it if not for this egregious case.

It allowed to light such figures  Когда видишь эти цифры. начинаешь думать по -другому.

In the TV program “Big Week,” journalists were able to gather very strong speakers.

The Chairman of the Public Council Serik Azzayevich Irsaliyev raised very important issues related to the deeper causes of many tragedies related to children in mental time. And he defends in his speech the honor of the teacher.

Deputy of the Majilis of the Parliament Irina Vladimirovna Smirnova said that teachers as always are occupied more than SORami and SOChami, endless reports and they have elementary lack of time for children and will agree, we all know it. But it was she who linked the topic to the right of the human and child to access to basic sanitation. Therefore, if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we must start with such basic things as equal access to the most basic things She also said that there is 19 November – World Toilet Day B. This is due to the involvement of the general public in the need to improve these systems

Another speaker, Rysta Magovyanova Zhumabekova, said that the NurOtan Party is now working hard to collect independent data on the situation of violations of children ‘s rights on the ground and around January we will receive this analysis.

Young Speaker Gaziz Abishev proposes to consider the reasons for what happened in the unfair work of law enforcement agencies, and it is also necessary to raise the increasingly common in the school environment. Harassment (jarg. bullling – English bullying) – aggressive persecution of one of the members of the collective (especially the collective of schoolchildren and students, but also colleagues) by another, but also often a group of persons…).

In general, we invite you to watch this program yourself at this link.

In summary, knowing your rights is a way to improve your life, improve its quality, and therefore sustainable development. Noet should know not only those at the helm, but absolutely everything. After all, the main principle of the UN Resolution “Transforming our world for sustainable development until 2030” is “no one should be left out. And you understand that all SDGs are interconnected – here and SDGs 3 Health and Well-being, SDGs 4 Quality Education, SDGs 16 Peace, Justice and Sustainable Institutions.

And it is very desirable that we learn about it not only after such tragedies.

Author: Lyazyat Askarova

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